Back to work soon...

In about 2 weeks plus, I will have to go back to work.

After a long break like this, since 23 Oct, I simply don't feel like going back to work. Not because I'm lazy. Instead I would like to spend more time with the two kids, especially Natalie. I haven't been spending enough time with her since the day Max was born.

I know she misses me, and I could feel that she is upset that I neglected her, and she ignores me sometimes, just to let me know that she's upset. However at times she wakes and cries for me at night, since these days she's sleeping at my in-laws'. Really feel sorry for her. And I miss her too.

Of course now that she's and my MIL again is so scared that she would pass the flu virus to baby Max. She ask me to stay upstair with Max.

I'm really upset that why all thse flu things have to happen now.

Well, think of the bright side, hopefully the flu will go off completely soon so when I go back to work, I'll be healthy and fit, as I still need to take care of Max till late night and get up early the next morning.

Actually I'm thinking to extend prehaps a week or two. If possible few months unpaid, which is unlikely.

Well, I certainly can't quit, or DH has to carry the burden on his own. Seven mouths to feed on one income.

Really pray hard that something will work out. Just one opportunity...

Sleepless Morning

Since last feed, about 5.30am till now, I just cannot sleep. The nose is blocked again. Took a Piriton, but didn't work.

Looks like I have to try Actifed again. If it still doesn't guess I have to see the doctor again. :(

Besides, the whole family including the maid is in sick mode. DH is half way there and started on Actifed. Poor Natalie is having runny nose since yesterday, with a slight temperature. The maid was sneezing last night.

Not sure about my in-laws, I have told them to take some Actifed just in case, since they are very prone to flu, partly because they like to eat heaty food, especially curry and pisang goreng(fried banana).

And I'm praying hard for Max not to be infected. Poor baby, he's too young... Otherwise more sleepless nights and days for us.

Btw, just found this site which provides some reference on cold medications for breastfeeding. Quite useful.

Cry to sleep

Nowadays I let Max cry to sleep after the last feed of the day, at about 12 to 2am in the morning. I'll burp him, check his diaper, apply some minyak angin Yu Yi to warm his tummy and cuddle him close to me for some time. And if none of those work, I will leave him on his cot, off the lights and let him cry. Sounds a little cruel.

But I have to train him. I can overly pamper him.

I guess he is learning it too, as he'll normally cry for a while. If I don't response, he'll quiet down for a while and cry again. Then quiet down...

And finally he'll stop after about 10 to 15 minutes, look around, and fall asleep on his own.

I feel sorry for him though. But he needs to learn.

And all I need is patience...

Revolution of searching and rating

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It's Christmas!

Just want to wish everyone who visit Dolphinitis, Merry Christmas.

It's heartaching to see...

Since the night before, I'm down with bad flu and terrible sore throat. I'm getting better though, with the stronger medications.

I went to see a doctor, he gave me some medicine I used to take during pregnancy, which are safe for breastfeeding. But they just not effective enough. So I decided to go for some stronger ones, like Actifec, which is really effective in getting rid of flu, and the Extra Strong Strepsils. And I stop direct breastfeeding Max since last night, though I tried. But luckily he didn't want it when I offered.

Coz this morning I called my GP to ask him about the stronger medication and found out that the Extra Strong Strepsils are not so safe for baby, as well as Actifec. They can cause agitation in baby. So the milk that expressed since last night have to be discarded and it's heartaching to throw them away, as every drop counts. However, I don't want to take any risk of making Max more agitated, as he is already one fussy little baby at times.

My daily routine...

12am - 2am
Trying to calm Max and get him to bed. If lucky he sleeps at 1-ish... He's a fussy baby at night. Sometimes, he fall asleep while feeding. The moment we put him on the bed, he gets up and cry for more. Sometimes, he just want to be held...

Sometimes I let him cries himself to sleep, since I can't find his reason.

2am - 5-ish
Sleeping hours... though sometimes we get lucky and Max gets up at about 6-ish for feeding... it depends.

5-ish - 7.30am
Feeding. Burping. Epressing Breatsmilk. You may wondering why I didn't breastfeed him at this hour, he always falls asleep... And it's faster to bottlefeed him and express the breastmilk. And I still have time to eat my breakfast or at least a cup of light oatmeal. Otherwise, I won't be able to sleep till at 8am or so.

7.30am - 11am, as late as 12pm
The moment I close my eyes, I simply couldn't open them as early as 11am. Of course in between, I drift in and out sleep when I hear Max's cry, who these days would be sent downstair ,after 8am, for MIL to take care.

12pm - 2pm
Feed myself. Surf a little while having my lunch. Breastfeed Max, if he awakes, or expressing the milk out. It normally takes about 2 hours, if I breastfeed him then top up with formula before I can bath Max.

The bathing takes about 30-45 minutes for the last two days. I need to clean his poos first.

For the last 2 days I have to massage him first with olive oil. Then let it soak for 15 minutes. Then rinse it off before bathing him in Eubo bath. Lastly clean his mouth.

Then wash and boil the bottles and breastpump again, sometimes I do myself, and sometimes the maid. If I do it I stand at the stove and wait for the things to boil for longer time. I'm very paraoid, espeacially the breastpump, I try to wash and boil after every use, except midnight.

2pm - 5pm
Sometimes I sneaked out to get my haircut, do facial, and body slimming. They are very time-consuming.

If I don't go out, I breastfeed Max myself, then express the balance milk out, then breastfeed him again for about 2 hours. After the breastfeeding, I have to top another 2 ounces of formula or EMB.

5pm - 8pm
If I'm outside, rush home to breastfeed him or express the milk. them wash and boil the breast pump parts.

If I'm at home, I would take a short nap. But haven't been able to do that, as sometimes, I would have itchy hands, trying to clean a few things in the room, or go online.

Then quickly take a shower.

Dinner time.

This afternoon, I slept through the afternoon after the flu medicine... feeling a little better, and my throat is not as sore as last night.

8pm - 1am
Feeding and expressing milk hours. I have to watch something to keep myself awake. I tend to fall asleep too at this hour whenever I breastfeed Max.

As usual, Max would fall asleep during breastfeed or bottlefeed(if DH feed him). We try to burp him before putting him on the bed. But the moment he leaves our arms, his eyes would open and become fussy. Either no enough milk or for cuddle.

So "," DH and I would feed, burp, calm, feed, burp, calm... It would 1am again, before we know it.

Max would be drink, sleep , cry, drink, sleep, cry... before he finally sleeps.

Sometimes, get lucky can surf a bit like tonight.

There goes a day... and same things everyday.

Post-natal Rhinitis

Few weeks ago, I visited the E&T, and it seemed everything was fine till yesterday.

All those nose irritations and frequent sneezing are back. And I'm having a bad sore throat.

Last year after I had delivered Natalie I had this too. It took a long time to recover, a few months. I couldn't remember how long, but it has become part of my daily routine, until one day it just disappeared. But not for long, as shortly I was pregnant with Max. Everyday, other than taking care of Natalie, I was sneezing and nose blowing. And feeling tired and sleepy all the time even after I was back to work on after 60 days maternity leave.

Yesterday I went to see doc, but the medicine doesn't seem to be working. Gosh! This is horrible. The nose simply doesn't dry up, and the bloody mucus keep back dripping down my throat. All these back drippings irritates the lung, accumulate there and become phlegm. As a result, bad coughing and sleepless nights. Been there few years ago.

It seems this rhinits will stick to me forever whenever I get pregnant.

Well, I thought I want to have another baby but looks like I may want to think again.

I want to work from home...

Ever since I had Natalie, I've been dwelling on possiblities that allow me to work from home. So that I can spend more time with her.

Now that I have Max, the desire of working from home is growing stronger.

Online business has been one of the areas that I've been considering. Online business no doubt has great potential but it's also very competitive, as many people have already jumped on the bandwagon. The most popular option is blogging. And there are companies offers themselves as the middle man to connect bloggers with advertisers.

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Oh no, it's yeast...

I think I'm having yeast infection on my breast.

I've been having this breast soreness during and after breastfeeding. I went to see the hospital lactation assistant, they couldn't identify the problem. I thought it was engorgement. But it wasn't.

But after what I read in today, I think it's what they called yeast infection.

I don't have crack nipples but breastfeeding makes them sore and painful. I need to see my gynae to tomorrow.

Meanwhile Max is having thrush too on his tongue. Poor boy. No wonder he has been acting weird sometimes when I breastfeed him. Sometimes halfway breastfeeding he seems have this vomitting sensation. And he would pushed himself away from my breast.

I just brought him to see his pae, and medications were given.

Besides, Max's face has eczema, and it's spreading to his body. *Sigh* This poor baby is having so much problems. Pray that he recovers soon.

PayPerPost and Me

Hoo hoo... payperpost (PPP) had finally approved Dolphinitis blogspot last month, but I was too busy with Max and had no time to sit down and work on anything seriosuly.

To kick start my PPP writerhood, this is it, to write about PPP.

I’d long heard about PPP, even before I started this blog, through blogs which I frequent. It’s an interesting way for bloggers to make some extra cash while doing what they like, blogging.

However, I wasn’t keen on signing up with PPP as I knew that I didn’t have time to blog often, to meet their minimum requirement. It’s because I have a day job, and at night I have to take care of my darling daughter, Natalie. I was still a new mother who was trying to juggle between work and family, so is now with Max, the crying baby.

Meanwhile I have another two blogs to take care of, my chinese blog, Dolphinever blogspot, and my photolg, Lifeisadarling blogspot. After all, I tend to spend more of my time with Dolphinever, with my emotional entries, about my late mom, and others.

Now that Natalie is getting older and with a new member in the family, baby Max, well, money not enough. It’s time to look for ways to make some extra cash by writing paid posts.

Also, I've more topics to blog, about pregnancy, parenting as well as journal for Natalie and Max. It means I’ll spend more time and effort in the blog. The blog is slowly build up with content to meet PPP’s requirement. So why not give it a try.

What do I think of PPP?
Well, I started with Smorty to test water and to see if I can manage it. Well, I have to admit that writing review is addictive. Apart from the money, it’s fun and addictive to write. It makes me use my brain. Sometimes, when I breastfed Max, I thought of ideas for all these reviews though I have no time.

However, my first attempt of submitting my blog was rejected. So I tried PPP Direct. It’s still no result so far. Later I tried again before I went for my labour, after Dolphinitis has met PPP’s minimum requirement. Finally it’s approved!

One of the things I like about payperpost is they have a numbers of available opportunities, if one don’t mind the price tag. And some are really interesting to write about. However all of them are grabbed fast like hot cakes. And I was always late… never mind.

Also it’s exciting yet sad to see all those red and grey coloured opportunities as some of them would be fun to blog, such as food flavourings, car wallpapers and others.

However, PPP takes about 30 days to approve a submitted post. It means the payout will take longer time. Oh well sometimes it is better to keep moving on and writing whenever I have time, without thinking about the earning too much. As I believe when the time (money) comes, the sense of reward is greater. Don’t you think so?

How would I spend my extra earning?
Simple! Rule number ONE, whenever I get paid, I always pay myself first. Every dollar I earn I’m saving it for my two little darlings. This is my main reason to blog for money. What about you?

After all, one has to love what he or she is doing with passion. I’d spent a few years finding my passions. Now that I’ve found them, other than my family, I love surfing, web designing (I mean beautifying my blog) and of course, blogging during leisure. So why not killing two birds with one stone; making some small income via something I enjoy doing for my family?

A Blessed Natural Birth After Caeserean Journey 02

Since then every week I visited my gynae.

By 5 weeks(gestational) or 7 weeks (if counting from the first day of my last period, first week of Fed 2007), my sickness morning was surfaced but still bearable.

Our little embryo Max was still about a week smaller than its actual size and heartbeat was weak. And I had spotting and I was given some medication, which I was relunctant to take, and a weekly hormone injection, for 4 weeks, to boost my pregnancy hormone.

Later it was found that the spotting was due to uterus infection. More medications, antibiotics. Meanwhile with the hormone boost, Max's heartbeat was getting stronger.

However the worse has yet to come. Morning sickness became me and had to resort to anti-vomitting tablets.

Also I was getting bad nasal blocked. Sleepless nights and sleepy days. And more medicines.

This second pregnancy was like a riding rollercoaster, another spotting at week 16, which turned to be a false alarm. It was some kind hormone adjustment after I stopped my hormone pills. Then fear of baby Max having some birth defects and so on.

I have to say during that time, I couldn't myself whining and complaining about all those discomforts. But looking back I'm grateful that everything turned out alright, with a healthy baby in return.

So when most initial doubts were finally cleared, new worries; can I have a natural birth since I had a caeserean? It clouded my mind till the morning I was in labour, as my gynae also couldn't guarantee. Many times I asked her. But she didn't really answer my questions, even at my last follow-up. I knew that she didn't want to overpromise me.

I understand that all these pregnancy and childbirth issues are at will of God and blessing. No one knows what can happen. So the whole time I was praying. Hoping for an easy natural birth. I didn't want to go through another caeserean. As I fear most in caeserean is the pain when a urine bag was attached to my bladder and pulled out. Gosh! That short but sharp pain with possible bladder infection. I still can remember it clearly.

When the day finally came, that Saturday, when I had bloody show, I was having this fear inside me. I was wondering if I couldn't have a natural birth. I was praying for my water bag not to break before major dilation.

My gynae had warned me that I couldn't opt for epidural, due to my caeserean wound. She said most gynae prefer not to have that as if the wound give way, the mother would feel it.

While I was in labour ward waiting for the first stage labour to happen, I was praying and talking to Max, telling him to relax and take things easy. Just take one step at a time. He heard me I guess.

The contraction was there all the while but it was mild and I couldn't recogise it. Now I know what is contraction. I didn't really have it when I had Natalie.

Since my water bag was in tact, my gynae allowed me to wait for the real thing to happen... to be continue.

Family trip planning

My aunt has been asking us to visit her in Vancouver next year. Well, I'm condering the invite, but most like not in near future, as we had planned our family trip down under next April, to visit my siblings and sister-in-law.

However, it’s no harm planning our future Vancouver trip, most like in 2009, early, right?

I've been checking out the flight ticket prices and some hotels at

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On top of that, they have this Special Internet Rate Price Guarantee, a special deal for those who make their hotel booking online through the site, to gurantee the lowest rate. Sounds like a good deal, eh? Sadly they don't offer any Australian hotel booking services for Melbourne city.

Also it offers flight tickets booking to most international airports, though ticket pricing is a bit pricey since they are priced in USD, in comparison our Malaysian ticket pricing. But if you're residing in US, Canada or Europe, it's worth checking out their best fare offers.

Besides hotel reservation and flight booking, Hotel also offers car rental services and vacation package which help us to plan and budget our trip just within clicks.

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A Blessed Natural Birth After Caeserean Journey 01

I've been pray that one day I can write about this, to share with mommies who has ONE caeserean and would like to have a varginal birth in their next pregnancy.

Both my pregnancy were planned long before I even conceived with Natalie.

But after I delivered Natalie via caeserean, my gynae warned me that I shouldn't conceive within the first 6 months to avoid complications. I was worried that my initial plan of conceiving again when Natalie reached one would be ruined due to my caeserean wound.

So I followed my gynae's advice, took good care of my wound. When Natalie was 8 months old, I revisited my gynae to check if I could start trying again. Thank goodness she gave me the green light to go ahead. It was early January 2007. She said that we could start trying end of Jan or early Feb. And I'll be allowed to try for natural birth as the previous complications was because of fetal distress prior to my due date.

I was really excited and started to prepare for it, I mean eating right. I took the steam "Gao Li Shen"(高丽参) water, which is normally used by ladies who had miscarriage, to rejuvenate the womb for conception.

It was CNY, I thought I had missed my ovulation. But I thought just give it a try, hoping we could catch the last boat. However, little did I know that my ovulation was late that month due to my anxiety.

So happened the next day I fell sick due to food poisoning and I was given antibiotic, but I told my GP that I was trying to conceive, so she gave something safe.

Then a week or two later, I got on the wrong bed, and had a stiff. It was so painful, so I went to see a "sensai"(*TCMD). He gave acupuncture and some Chinese medicine which contain Red Flower(红花). In the old days, the Chinese use it for abortion.

I took the pills one day. Then I stopped with the feeling that I might have conceived, though I did five tests but all negative.

On 20 March 2007, my period still missing in action. With a mixed of hesitation and anticipation I repeated the test, as I still have this pregnant feeling. Finally I saw this very very faint second pink line. Quickly I took the test to my gynae. And she confirmed it with an internal ultrasound but she said that the 3 weeks old embryo Max was smaller than it should. It's either the conception was late or the pregnancy might be an unhealthy one. And she asked me to come back the following week...(to be continue)

Max, the crying baby.

Gosh Max is certainly a crier. He cries when is wet. He cries when he's hungry. He cries when he want to poo. He cries when he's colic. He cries and cries and cries, even after feeding. Gosh!

My plan always get ruined just when I thought he should resting and quiet, and I can do something like takinga nap. He will start crying. When I do everything I can to settle him, he still cries, certainly for comforting. So I comfort and he sleeps.

But when I thought he settles, thought closing my eyes, he starts crying again.

Now I'm wondering should I give him a pacifier. Frankly I HATE the idea, because it can confuse Max in breastfeeding, though he seems to have learned how to latch on better than before. And I hate to use it, coz my MIL loves to use it. And see what she has done to Natalie. She can't sleep in the afternoon without it, and my MIL still using that darn pram to rock her to sleep in the afternoon besides the pacifier. And I really hate that.

When Natalie was born, she kept pastering me to use it, as Natalie disturbed her sleeping when it's her turn to look after her. Now I don't know how to make Natalie get out of that habit when she is going to be 20 months old soon.

O.k back to Max. He seems to like sucking for comfort, I can't offer my breast for that, coz it will be a big problem to moment I'm going to back to work. But I really want to help Max to learn self-soothing without using a pacifier or sucking. How? I'm really clueless cow. Any idea, mommies?

Manage to find this site for tip on handling crying baby. But I'm not sure if they help or do I have the patience.*Sigh*


The night before Max vomitted four times. So I decided to him to see Natalie's pae last night. According to him, Max is having something calls reflux.

Max has been like this on and off, but that night was the worst. Drink, vomit cry, drink vomit cry... Finally he was tired and he slept. Luckily through the night. However, I notice that he always goes a bit cranky approaching midnight, around 12 to 2am. Thank god other time he is fine.

So the doc gave us some medicine to get rid of the gassy stomach and asked us to change his supplement formula to the anti-vomitting one. Last night things were better, thoguh he was still a little cranky during those hours.

Max is rather manja(pampered) by nature compare to Natalie. And he cries a lot more than his sister, when she was three week old.

Natalie was a happy baby who drank a lot, burped well, no vomitting problem, neither a fussy baby. Except she tend to sleep too much in the day and she refused to sleep at night. So I had to hold her in my arm till 3am every night for the first 2 months. It took me a long time to train her to sleep normally. Those were the days. Max seems to have a better sleeping pattern. I hope Max stays that way.

Max's pictures

Some pictures of Max and Natalie's infant photos :)






More coming...

Which name should I choose?

I'm in the mid of deciding Max's Chinese name. Haiya, still can't decide on which character to use, as the the middle one will be the same as Natalie's, Xing(幸).

Hubby wants to register for him later in the afternoon. And I have been procastinating the job, since I was quite occupied with the baby and getting enough rest.

When it comes to deciding names, at times I just love it, because it's fun, but there are times, like now, I just hate it, because I can only choose one. *Sigh*

Finally he can latch on...

Ever since we came home from hospital, I could only breastfeed Max with one side, the right side, and not the other. Normally I just express the milk out from "the other side". I tried the football position, it didn't work. And it was bruised because Max couldn't latch on properly while we were still in the hospital.

But I just tried again after almost a week, and he managed to latch on properly. Really glad that.

Now I'm no longer one-breast Jack. And I can blog while feeding. Thank God. :)

Busy bee's back

Been home for ...*counting* almost five days but always busy.

Thursday - pae visit for Max, due to his jaundice.

Friday - gynae visit for myself.

Saturday - pae visit for Max again, jaundice again, better. And I visited the hospital lactation consultant.

The confinement is quite inexperienced in taking care baby, she choked Max. The way she feeds and burps Max very inexperienced. I think we new mothers, can do a better job. She doesn't check Max's diaper and Max doesn't like her bathing him. Every time she bathe him, he screams. Poor boy!

At times, I noticed she's very reluctant to get up to feed the baby at night. But with me in the room too, she had no choice. Imagine if I'm not in the room...

And she's quite forgetful in certain things, like she always forgets to close the stairway gate. One night Natalie climbed up after she on her own. Oh my God! Even after I reminded her so many times, she still take it very lightly. And she made some mistake which made the maid , kena marah(scolded) by my mom-in-law.

Her cooking isn't too bad though. The only thing I'm glad. But overall I'm not really happy with her. But I can do much as she might do something bad to Max, and in my food. *cold sweat*

Really difficult to find a good one these days whom one can trust, especially with your baby, be it through friends or so-called professional centre.

They normally room in with the baby, and mother sleeps in a different room.

But I insisted rooming in together. One of the problems, she snores(Goodness...*slap forehead*). 3 more weeks to go. Maybe just that I'm fuzzy... sigh. But I've seen one really good one who used to work for my neighbour but she has retired(金盘洗手), and refused to work as a confinement lady anymore. She rather works normal hour job. Sad.

Ah... enough of complaining, just trying to surf a little while having breakfast. Need to clean up a little and catch some beauty sleeps before Max's next feed.

Max is now half breastfed and bottle-fed. But he is doing better than Natalie. He can latch on better, still rooms for improvemant, than Natalie, and he loves breastfeeding.

Will post some pictures and videos once I have the time to... Now need to get my daily routine settle in first.

Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...*the bee is flying off again*

Baby Max's back home!

Just discharged from hospital today. Home sweet home.

But need to settle down first before I can post up the pictures of baby Max.

He arrived on 111107 morning via natural birth. Details later.

Smorty works for me

Blog Advertising - Get Paid to BlogFor a small fries blogger like me, Smorty works for me so far. I get assignment on and off and I get my payout the moment my post approved, no need to wait that long. It's motivating to see money grow in your PayPal, though small, but it's good enough for me.

Last week, I tried resubmitted in this blog to PayPerPost for review, but they have yet to reply, so I guess it's been turned down again. Never mind. Seriously it took me very long to think whether I should put the PPP Direct badge on my page, as I didn't really like to put images on my sidebar. I like it clean and simple. But I did in the end, trying for some luck.

As for Smorty, I really enjoy writing for them, especially since now I have the time to, while waiting for baby's arrival. Apart from those small little $ sign, it's the satisfaction after completing each post.

If you are thinking of making some extra cash, since some now said that because of the recent major PR revamp which affected many bloggers, Smorty is worth trying. Besides, if you have a better PR than mine, you can probably gets more assignments than me.

Nope, this is not a sponsored post.

Counting down to the day, an update on baby and me

Like I said earlier, it could be 13, 18 or even 19 this month. I'm not sure which is the actual EDD anymore. But never mind, as long as the baby comes. I don't want to think too much about it. Too much anticipation makes me sick of guessing. Like a Cantonese saying, 煮到嚟,就食!(Go with the flow.)

Last gynae visit
Everything is fine, baby is roughly weighed about 3kg now, 20% variation, plus or minus. Should it be bigger, I'm not sure it can come naturally. He's healthy, I'm glad.

The gynae said anytime due... very subjective estimation. Hopefully not this weekend, the gynae is away. Gosh! And the best part most of the doctors in that hospital are on leave. DOH! I hate giving birth in the weekend, especially a long festive weekend. The last time, I had Natalie, inexperienced, the lactation consultant was away. DOH! Charges were higher too. Lucky my gynae was around. But not this time. Pray, pray, pray.

During the visit,we talked about my birth possibility. Again she told it will depend on my condition. Sigh... The highlight of the visit... *drum rolling*, she said that most likely NO epidural if natural birth. O.O;; Because they worry should the scar gives way, I can feel it. If they use epidural, lower body numbed, and if the scar give way, it will be life-threatening. Well, I've checked online, if possible NO medication is recommended. Though the chance of uterine rupture is very very slim - 1%, or one in 10,000. What if I'm that ONE. It freaked me out.

That whole day, Wednesday, I was feeling so down and blue. And I had a big woo woo cry and I slept through the day after I came back from the clinic.

Don't worry I'm fine now. I can eat well, like a sow. Sleeping well except some minor aching here and there. And I'm not thinking about it anymore, strangely. It's out of my mind. Just going with the flow and praying hard. Yes I'm.

My gynae asked to go for a CT scan on Monday if the baby still not coming. I seriously don't know the outcome. Induce(I thought no induction) or wait some more? I don't know. But seriously I hope not another C-sec, if I have a choice.

The "Anytime" signs...
1. Some saw my ballooned up feet and said, "'re can be due anytime..."
2. Since Wednesday, I'd been feeling more period cramps on my lower back and lower abdomen.
3. More Braxton Hicks, especially whenever try to get up from sleeping position.
4. Feeling the weight on my hips.
5. Very frequent toilet visits, and my bladder simply can't wait.
6. My tummy feels very tight and the surface looks very shiny, I wonder, can it grow and stretch anymore bigger.
7. Hormone changing, skin looks dry, the urge of washing my hair more often as it gets very itchy the next day. Oh, my pregnancy rhinitis seems to have gotten better, less runny nose.

Don't want to think too much
The reason I don't know to think too much because I don't want to stress baby, which will cause fetal distress. Let him decide when he's ready to come. No point thinking over and over when it's not happening... In a way I'm fed up.

Meanwhile I just want to do things I normally do, blog, sleep, eat, laugh, play with Natalie and I seriously feel like going to watch a movie... hee hee... Have anyone watch StarDust? And I can't wait for Golden Compass.

Having an extra modem at home

As usual last night when I got up for my second toilet visit to release the bladder, I felt hungry again. So while snacking, I decided to do my review.

Shortly it started to rain cats and dogs outside and a couples of lightning stroke. I quickly pull out my modem cable, thinking that " modem is safe now." Phew.

Little did I know it was taken by the last stroke until I tried to reconnect it, after I'd done with my review and wanted to submit it. Cis! I thought it was the connection at first. So I called up to TM technical service. The gentlemen was kind and patient with me, though it was already 5 in the morning. After some troubleshooting, no result, I gave up, and went back to bed to have a nice and chill slumber.

By the time I got up, I quickly tried again. No result. And I called TM again. No result.

Last resort, I asked hubby to replace the modem with the back up one, an second hand TM modem, which he insisted to buy, while I was all agaisnt it, thinking it was a waste of money.

Hubby: So who was the one who said it was a waste of money to get a spare?
Me: ... -_-;;

Well, I guess he was right after all.

But this 2004 TM model's connection and transmission is darn slowly comparing to the kaput Aztech one. Hubby said it's because of the quality of the modem. So I guess we have to get another better one. Meanwhile no choice but stick to the slow one first. Better than no surfing. Heehee...

When I grow old...

I can still clearly remember that when I was in my teenage years, my parents always reminded us not to abandon when they get old. At that time, I didn't understand their worries.

But as I grew up, I began to understand and see their worries from a different perspective. I started to remind myself, that I won't become of what they worried I would. Meanwhile I always told myself that when I'm in golden years, I want to be independent, both financially and physically. Hence, I don't have to depend on my children so much. And I started planning for myself, in case I live too long.

For a start, be it for yourself, or your old aged parents, you can check out this nursing site for old aged, They specialize in answering questions about old age caring issues, such as finding to the right nursing homes, tips for one who prefer to stay at their own home, like my dad, how to take care your health, where to find financial support and other related factsheets.

They also provide news articles and forum for you to read up and participate. By reading more, it helps you understand how to handle caring issues better. Also, through the forum, by linking yourself to community, it will open you up and help you to realize that that they are not alone.

I alaways believe in staring young, be it health issues, financial planning or other matter. Knowledge and preparation overcome fear and worries.

Stemcell for my baby.

Two week ago, I finally decided to sign up with the third company after meeting up their customer consultant and visiting their lab.

I met all the sales rep from all three stemcell companies. Actually before I called up the third company, I was hesitant if I should make that third call. But I did.

The reason I signed up with the third company because I like the way they present themselves and I believe I can trust my baby's stemcell with them though they'are quite new.

The moment I've decided to store baby's stemcell, since I missed it during my lasy pregnancy, my main concern is to look for a company which I can trust. I won't know if the the thrid company will truly be the one. Only time will tell. Somehow, I like how their customer consultant presented herself and the way she answered my questions. I don't know it's just an instinct.

Unlike the other sales rep from the other company. She kept emphasing that the fact this third company is new and offering their customers a lots of goodies to get sales. And when I told her my decision via sms, she asked me the same question, if I were attracted by the discount offer. I'm not. But I was too lazy to reply her sms, coz I don't think she would understand. Oh well, I guess she should do more research on the other companies' package before making assumptions and never underestimate your competitors.

Well, this thrid company did offer me some discount on their package, but it didn't make much of a difference.

Let's see... I chose to pay up RM5,500 diamond package. Why? Because it includes the RM2,500 collection and processing fee and 21 years storage fee(RM250 p.a). They do cord blood as well as maternal blood test before storing the stemcell, to make sure that the stemcell is not contaminated. However, if you want the 2 QC samples for viability test (for the 5th and the 10th year), you have to pay extra RM500. I bought that too. Then the insurance coverage for this package is better too. And it's dual location storage. So total is RM6000. While the other two companies, is offering similar package at RM5000. Is it cheaper? Though the thrid company did give me a discount of RM500, since I signed up before end of last month. I thouhgt I was going to give birth on the 28th last month. But I didn't.

You do the math. Is it cheaper or more expensive. Well, I'll say it didn't make much a difference. Like I said, my concern isn't the discount. I just want someone I can trust to store my baby stemcell for me.

Besides, only after I signed up, the customer consultant only told me that they are giving me a maternal bag and some vouchers as free gifts. She didn't use the free gifts to get me to sign up.

I have to say that even though this thrid company is a new company, their customer service is good. The next afternoon after I met with the customer consultant, her manager called me up personally. She asked me if anyone from her company has come to see me to follow up my case. When I said someone did. She was very happy.

I'm seriously not sure if I've chosen, thoough I felt that I had. Only time will tell.

Preggie mommies, if you're thinking of signing up for stemcell storing services for your newborn, make sure you meet up with all the companies' sales rep and visit their lab if possible, before making any decisions.

Money not enough?

Many times I heard from hubby that in his office, there are still some staffs taking a minimum salary of 600 to 700 bucks home every month. On top of that, they have some overtimes and some little incentives. But is it enough for a household? I always wonder. Even for hubby and I, who earn decent income, there are months when money is just barely enough when there are extra bills like insurance renewals, road tax renewals and so on.

Besides, prices of things have inflated little by little. For instance the price of every loaf of bread has gone up about 30 cent, due to the price hike of crude oil.

Therefore, most of these staffs have resort to either personal loan or credit cards, for some emergency cash to get them through each month. However, some of these loans take days up to week for approval, for financial background check and so on. The process requires lots of running around and is time consuming, and in the end they might not even get their loan approved.

But with Payday Loan Quotes, a one-stop financial matching service, these people will have easier way of getting suitable no fax payday loans, with fast approval. As fast as in 24 hours. There is no minimum credit requirement and anyone can apply. However, one has to bear in mind that loan approval is not always guaranteed.

All one needs to do is to fill up one simple form online with some basic information, provide a reference's details and submit. The system will match one's payday loan with the lenders database immediately, based on interest rate that fits one's financial profile. No matching fee charges and all the information given is strictly private and confidential. So no worries.

The moment a match is found, the lender will contact the borrower via online or phone. Once the loan is approved, the cash will be banked into the borrower's respective bank account. It is that fast and efficient.

My inner fears

Some time back I read about this inner fear thing in Mumsgather. It reminded me of my own.

I guess everyone has some kind of inner fears.

As for me, I've been having this fear of traveling long distance, I mean driving,(not including going for holiday overseas) and driving alone. I'm not sure why and forgot when it started. But I guess it's due to kiasi (afraid of dying in Hokkien) factor.

However my mom passing due to road accident, has deepened my fear. On top of that, I also begin to fear of losing someone close to me again. That's why I don't having my husband traveling outstations, which I had no problem previously.

And every day I flip open the newspaper, I see many road accident reports. They made me paranoid and all the negative possibilities begin to play in my mind.

Frankly I'm not a pessimistic character, but why do I have this kind of negative thought and fear in me. Is it because I'm already mom? Or is it because of something else? I'm still not sure. I used to ask my psychiatrist about it. He explained that it's because my grief over my mom's passing. I just have to think positive and it'll slowly go away. I certainly hope so.

And they said Love can outcast Fear.

How about you? Do have any inner fears that you would like to share?

Red bean soup can help reducing water retention

I have been having water retention on my feet a month or two ago.

At first, it only happen at night after a long day of working. And in the morning after a good night of rest, it would disappear. However, for the last few days, I noticed my feet, from ankles downwards, have swollen, even after some lying down.

And I remember a friend told me that red bean soup can help in reducing water retention. It also recommended by some of the mommies in some forums.

In fact, last week I tried for two days, I did noticed the difference. But these few days I just got lazy, as I couldn't bear standing long while preparing it. It made my feet ache and my back. So I stopped taking. And see, this is how they look since this morning.

Guess tomorrow I'll have make some red bean soup.

Besides, I also found that reducing salt intake can help in minimizing water retention problem as sodium will retain excessive water in our body. That's why some people recommended not to add salt or MSG in our confinement food.

Get lucky with pro360

My dad loves to buy 4 digits, be it Magnum, 1+3D or Toto. Well, I once in a blue moon try my luck too, normally my car number. But not as crazy as my dad.

He's not just buying numbers, but he jots down all the winning results in his little 555 notebook and and studies them, except Toto Jackpot and Big Sweep. Yes, from all three outlets every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday plus the special draws. He's been doing this since god knows when, and it has become his hobby.

I call him Uncle 4 Digits, he always tries to work out the probability of those winning digits, just like what does. They're an online casino reviewer.

At, they provide online casino reviews for all participating sites by categories, such as best payouts, best bonuses, highest jackpots, Editors' Choice, those which accept US players, player's rating and so on. They offer full review for a list of hundred US approved online casinos.

After seeing the site myself, maybe I should suggest to my dad to start an online 4 digits reviewing site for himself, to pass his time. Well, being computerized, would, hopefully bear fruits for people like my old man....

The actual EDD is 18/19 Nov??

This morning when I opened my eyes, I was like, "hmm... week 39 already, one more week to go."

I can't wait to give birth now, as my tummy and hips are expanding while my arms and face seems to be the same. One of favourite my maternity pants, can't fit anymore, which could still fit a week or two ago. And I know they will keep expanding till the day baby comes. Soon some of the shorts won't fit anymore.

I'm so anxious and I decided to work back way to check on my EDD.

Well, I'm very sure of my conception date which was either 25/26 Feb 2007. Many people ask me why am I so sure about it. Coz that was the only try we had for that month. So if I work from that date, the actual due date should be around 18/19 Novemeber, which is 2 weeks from now. It means another 2 weeks to go. OMG, how big will baby be then? And my tummy will just keep growing, and before my actual due date, I won't be able fit in most of clothes... feel like crying now.

As for original EDD, 13 November, it's based on the first day of my last period, which was 6 Feb. However, my ovulation was late, therefore the conception date was late too.

After all I'm only in my week 38 now, no wonder I haven't feel anything close to labour, except some Braxton Hicks.

Baby Lucas's here.

This afternoon finally visited my close friend, who just given birth to her first baby, baby Lucas on the very morning of 31 Oct It was a 21 hours long painful labour. Again congratulations to her adn her hubby. Great job.

I've to visit her before I, myself going into labour and confinement, which is soon.

Was very happy to hear that she was pregnant too, when I announced my pregnancy to her when I was about 9 week preggie. She was 10 week then. We've always been very close friends since secondary school. She was my "toilet buddies" in school...haha...

We were so close, at one point, we could communicate without talking, and we knew what each other was thinking. Oh, we used to get toothache together. Of course on and off we had argument.

She was the first one, other than my hubby and my family, to be there for me when my mom was in critical condition.

What a long and painful labour...
She had a painful delivery as her epidural jab turned out to be a failure. It numbed one side of her body and not the other side. Gosh! And the anesthetist apologized to her and the hospital waived her anesthetic charges.

But I guess it's worth because in end she and the baby were safe.

Baby Lucas was born a bit smaller, only 2.6kg, than expected but healthy and adorable.

Actually I took some pictures and video of the mother and her baby, somehow the stupid phone gave problem again, of all times. The pictures and video just disappeared like that, probably abducted by the alien again. CIS!

Anyway, I've learnt some confinement cooking tips from her MIL, who is very well-verse in healthy eating. Let me try them out first, then I'll post them here later. Another who is planning to conceive again, has promised to bring her notebook along for the recipes, when she visit Lucas's mooomy some time this week or next. LOL.

Well, 'm better off to research some more on healthy diet during confinement for moommies, before baby's arrival. He's kicking inside already ;0 Ouch!

Something funny about this pregnancy

I'm in my final two weeks before my EDD.

I notice something very funny with this pregnancy. Whenever I'm hungry or pigged out, the little one inside will always kicks inside. And the bigger he gets, the stronger are his kicks.

Another thing is all these while I haven't had any heartburn before. But for the past few days, I notice whenever I'm hungry or full, especially at the middle of the night, I have this chest pain feeling, and some reflux.

That's why I'm still blogging at this time of the night/morning, coz I just had my snack and decided that I shouldn't go to bed immediately, to prevent the reflux.

Do any of you pregnant mommies get this kind of funny feeling and reaction?

What will you do when your kid's making a scene in public?

I recalled seeing some young children making scene while I was shopping in the mall some times. At that time, I was hoping in secretly in my heart that Natalie won't behave like that one day.

I guess kids are kids. When they see something they want or like, they will want you to either buy them, or stay there and play till they bored or dropped.

Last night, while we were in one of those baby apparrels shops, at the Curve, checking out some stroller for Natalie. She saw this interesting toy phone set and started to experiment with the buttons. So when we wanted to try her on one stroller, she simply refused and started screaming away. That was o.k. But when we decided to hop over to the next store, she refused to leave, and squatted down next to the toy phone set as an objection.

Lucky I was with my hubby. So I asked him to handle her, while I was pretend walking out of the shop and hoping that she would follow. But she didn't. What if I was aloneat that moment?

Natalie is a sutbborn little, and is determined to get what she wants. Of course we can't afford to buy her everything she wants. I think we, as parents, shouldn't spoil our chilldren. I remember when I was young my parents led a frugal life, and never spoil us. My mom hardly buy us any toys, while my dad was a bit more generous. The only one toy my mom ever bought me was this little teddy bear I had. The one and only.

However, I remembered making a fuss during one CNY shopping spree, in some night market. I saw this top and bottom which I really liked.(Of course every year we only got to buy two set each.) But mom said it was too expensive and refused to get me... I was about 10, think. And I had an auguement with my mom and finally she bought me that set of clothes. But when it comes to toys, I hardly ask my parents for anything, knowing they won't get me. Of course in the end, she gave me more than that, a good degree and a chance of living overseas for 3 1/2 years. That was the most precious gift she had ever given me.

As for Natalie, I don't mind buying her toys, but I just don't want to get her same type of toys if she already has one. Just like that toy phone, she already has one at home which my sister-in-law bought her, so I see no reason getting another one.

So mommies and daddies, what would you do? And how would you handle this type of situation or scene?

Try again.

Earlier PPP rejected this blog, because it didn't meet their minimum requirement, minimum 20 posts in 90 days.

Last night I resubmitted this blog for a try, as it has finally met the minimum requirement. Hopefully it will get approved this time. Since I have some extra time to spare while waiting for baby to come.

Also, I'd signed up with Linkworth to get more opportunities...

The bag is finally packed.

Finally I had my bag packed and ready for labour, though not exactly finished yet, still a couple of things I need to buy.

I have packed some clothes for myself and for a baby a set of brand new clothes for the day of discharge, a few pairs of mitten and booties and a little hat.

Can't recall exactly what I wore the last time I was there to deliver Natalie, except that they were all long sleeves. Hence, I just pack anything I think I'll need. All I remember is that I didn't bathe for days, only wiping.

Meanwhile some food as well, such as oat, Milo, cocoa powder, milk powder, condensed milk and so on.

Also I'm bringing a bag of salt, in case I deliver via natural birth. It's for the wound cleaning. I can vaguely remember they did provide me some chemical liquid for the wound cleaning too.

And not to forget some entertainment, like books and laptop... hee heee... so I wouldn't get bored. Frankly staying in hospital is one of the most boring things in life, unless you opt to stay in a double or single room, as they come with tv. Unfortunately I chose to stay in a four-bedded one. The only entertainment was the neighbours' visitors and my own.

For me one day no internet is enough to kill me. I feel like losing touch to the world. And if I end up having a c-sec, I will have to stay in the hospital for at least 3 days 2 nights, that's if everything is fine.

Luckily the last time I had Natalie with me, not as bad as the previous admission prior the Natalie's birth, when I was having mild hyperemesis gravidarum, a severe form of morning sickness. So I spent most of my time staring and adoring her, though she slept most of the time.

Hopefully everything turns out alright.

Oh well, the packing is making me nervous and excited.

Calcium intake during pregnancy

During pregnancy, I'd experienced twice very bad cramps on my feet during my final trimester. One of the times was when I was shopping in One U with my sis. We were walking and chatting happily and suddenly my feet cramped. It was so bad I couldn't continue walking. I had to find a place to sit down to rest my feet. We sat for about 20-25 minutes, only after that I could walk a little. And luckily I was with my sis.

As for this pregnancy, when I entered my second trimester, I had experienced some aching in my body and mild cramp in my feet. Since then my GP advise me to increase my calcium intake from 550mg daily to 1000mg together with my daily milk intake. My cramps and aches have since reduced.

My friend, who just gave birth to a baby boy two ago, was also taking the same amount of calcium. She took 2 tablets of 600mg calcium everyday. Some said the calcium supplement is the one with Vitamin D to help the calcium absorption.

There are studies show that pregnant women who supplement with calcium have a reduced chances of high blood pressure and preeclampsia. (taken from "iVillage's Calcium supplements during pregnancy")

But be sure you consult my doctor first before increasing your daily calcium intake. As excessive calcium has side effects like lack of appetite, interference with magnesium absorption and so on.

Other related articles:
- Why am I having leg cramps during pregnancy? (from

Result of my blood test and iron supplement

Last week my gynae drew some blood from me to do a blood test(a.k.a Full Blood Count/FCB) for me. Yesterday it came back with a 12.9, showing there is enough haemoglobin in my blood. The reference range is betweeen 11.5-16.5.

*Pregnant haemoglobin level is:10.5 to 15.0 gm% (105 -150 g/L)
*Non-Pregnant haemoglobin level is:11.5 to 16.0 gm% (115 -160 g/L)
(The aboves are taken from

Actually it dropped a little from 13.2, another blood test result I had in May this year, when I was 16 week pregnant.

I have low blood and been constantly on iron and folic acid supplement. But since I pregnant with baby I stopped but few months ago I had to start back in those supplements on alternate days basis as I was experiencing short blackout and dizziness when I stood up from a squatting or sitting position. And my condition has since improved.

One of the reasons why we need to maintain our haemoglobin count in our blood during pregnancy is to prevent weakness and low birth weight of the baby. Haemoglobin's function as a protein which carries oxygen to the various parts of our body. If the count is low, it means less intake of oxygen for both mother and baby and possible blood loss during birth.

Here's a good article for pregnant mommies or ladies with anaemic problem to refer.
"Iron and iron supplements"(from

Frankly if my gynae didn't take my blood for the test I won't look into the matter at all.

Bets in life

There's saying; "In life there are only two things that are guaranteed, death and tax."

It's true life is unpredictable and full of uncertainties. There are times when we try our luck and take the best bet out of life.

For example, there are many people who loves to try their luck and bet on anything in the world to win something, wealth or others, in return.

Some people are in for sport games like WorldCup, EuroCup, Olympics Games, NBA Basketball and so on, while others bet on lotto, numbers, jackpots, stock market and so on. All these betting games can now be found on bet365. It offers different kinds of online betting services, in all kinds of sport games, poker, some interactive games and so on. One just needs to sign up for an account to start the ball rolling.They provides live scores and stats to enhance user experience. Also, their range of services are now extended to mobile phone users.

In life we can't run away from betting.

As for me, I'm not into money betting games, as I believe controlling things myself such as proper investments with proper research.

However, there are something I can't control. For instance, my birth options, I still don't know whether I will end up having another c-section or natural birth. But I'm putting my bet on having natural birth even though my gynae has told my chance of having c-sec is higher than those who had never had a c-sec before. Also, my chance of having complications via natural birth is also higher, as my uterine may rupture during the birth. Since she allows me to try for natural birth, I'll go for it.

I can have an elective c-sec but I don't want to give up now. I want to wait and see, while hoping for the best. I'm leaving to God and let Him decides what's best for me and my baby. This is my best bet.

Week 38 - Ceaserean Vs Natural Birth

Last night I was upset about why baby's come yet.

Today after hearing what my gynae said, it changed my perspective. Maybe baby's waiting for the right time too. Perhaps he knows that if he came out early would cause complication, that's why he's holding on to the right moment. I think he knows.

This morning my gynae has finally talked to me about my birth option. According to her, my previous c-section has increased my chance of a second c-section. While letting me try for natural birth, she has to monitor my condition to minimise the possibility of complication during labour.

Basically the outcome will pretty much depends on my condition then.

When I asked if it's more advisable to opt for a second c-sec, she said that she won't advise me to do that, though it's my choice. So I decided to wait till the last minute.

Of course my priority is my baby and my own safety, if at that time c-sec is the best option I will go for it without a second thought.

But one thing for sure NO induction or long hour labour, due to the possibility of uterine rupture during the process.

Also, after the follow-up, I've noticed the left side of my ligament feels a little sore. This morning when my gynae pressed on it, I felt o.k. Is it just a normal pulling or a sign of old wound problem? I'm not sure. But it sure worries me a little. It's probably why I'm still awake at this hour. (Just kidding, it's probably the latte I had this afternoon.)

Anyway, I'm submittig everything to God. I'll pray and let him decide what's best for us, so long baby and me are safe.

When baby 's coming? Anytime?

Yesterday a close friend has given birth to her first baby boy, baby Lucas. Congratulations to her and her hubby!

Baby Lucas is early almost a week, as his EDD was Nov 6, a week early than my baby. Does it mean baby will come next week or...

Everyone keeps telling me anytime. But I just don't see any sign of baby's coming.

Is it going to happen or will it be another C-section again? If my water breaks first before any contraction as my gynae will not allow me to have an induction.

In about 8 hours will be my next follow-up.

I'm really don't know why can't I have a sign, during the last pregnancy was no sign at all. I was caught off guard, 2 hours before Natalie was born, I had to make up my mind whether to deliver her natural birth with induction or c-section.

I'm really not sure about this one. Really have no faith in what's going happen coz I just don't have no control over it. I feel like taking forever. Am feeling really frustrated and anxious at times. Is it normal, or just me?

Starting an online business

The other day a book-lover friend was asking me about online shopping cart software. She’s planning to start her online business, selling imported books.

So I recommended her Ashop, shopping cart software which I reviewed earlier as it's easy to use and suitable for a novice like herself. Meanwhile she can also easily register her own shop domain with Ashop.

At first she offered me to design a nice looking shop front, but I had to turn it down since I'll be going into labour anytime. However, I showed her how simple is to customize the online shop front with the available web themes to suit her taste.

I showed her some awesome features that Ashop offers, with their online demo and tutorial movies.

I was showing her:
- How can she manage sales analysis with the admin panel, such as inventory and stock control with the multilevel product variants and tax variant,
- How can she easily keep track of and retrieve her daily sales data, such as how many visitors to her shop every day, the number of her customers, and potential customers and where they come from.
- How can she design her own discount coupon and gift certificates to send to her potential customers in future, and so on.

She was also happy to find that Ashop shopping cart software has SMS order alerts and is web-based, so that run her business while she travel outstation or overseas.

After going through most of the demos with her, she was impressed with this simple yet reliable software as it gives her so much control over her business.

However, there are still a few things that bothered her, such as the transaction mistakes, payment security and credit card fraud. To ease her worries, I showed her the software integration with Google checkout and PayPal. The Google checkout can help minimizing the chances of customers abandoning their carts, while PayPal can make sending and receiving payment transaction easy for her and her customers.

Without delay, I helped her open a PayPal account to show her how PayPal works as well.

With much amazement, she checked at the pricing and packages and finally decided to try it out their most affordable package, Ashop Light, which only cost her $39.95 per month, as she's aiming to minimize her startup capital.

Facebook Malaysia Blogger Mommies Daddies

I have never Friensters in my life. It quickly became a big hit after it was launched. But I didn't feel or bored to be part of it. Perhaps I was feeling too old for Friendsters. In fact I've grown out my YM, IM or ICQ phase.

Until recently when a colleague invited me to join the Facebook, currently the most popular online socialising network. Even Google offered to buy them over.

In fact, it's fun to use, as there are so many third party applications one can add and have fun with. And some of those applications are very addictive, especially those Vampire and Werewolves fightings... can gain points from fighting. It's one of my favourites.

And I also just started a Malaysia Blogger Mommies Daddies group, feel free to join. It's for all the Malaysian Blogger Parents who blog in English and/or Chinese, whether you reside in Malaysia or outside Malaysia.

Was it a contraction?

Last night while I was watching one of the latest Hong Kong drama, suddenly I had this 5 second long pain from my tummy to my lower back, all the way down to my feet. I couldn't get up.

It was like having a really bad period cramp. But the discharge still looks very minimum. I guess my mucus plug is still intact.

Now that MIL is away, she flew down under last night.So I have to do the cooking, and I got really tired so easily. This morning after few hours of standing whilst preparing the veggies and meats, my back felt like breaking into two and my legs were so sore.

Walking up the stairs was like climbing Mt. KK. Baby felt so heavy now, comparing to 2 days ago. So I took out the weight. Tang! Tang! 75kg. Another 2kg extra. I don't think baby weighs more than 3.5kg, unless I'm carrying a monster baby. Where did all the weight come from? Can't wait till tomorrow's gynae appointment.

Btw, the third stem cell company rep has finally came over and did a presentation. Frankly, this one is the most impressive one. Their company vision, to have their own treatment centre in these region in near future, has made me want to sign up with them. It's their passion to advance and to serve their customers, that really impressed me. The rep answered many of my questions. I guess they're THE ONE, though I haven't signed up, as I'm want to visit their lab first, which is tomorrow, before rushing into it. Yes, I'm a prudent consumer. After all it's not like buying veggies in the pasar (wet market).

At week 37

Today's marks the beginning of my 37 week.

Time really flies. Baby and I are closer and closer towards the EDD. Baby's officially full term today as he has passed the week 36 mark. His lungs should be able to function properly if he is to come within this week. We have walked hand in hand for the past 9 months.

I can feel baby's growing bigger in the womb and he's running out of space. He always try to stretch his little knees against my tummy. So often that I get this sore spot on top of my tummy. And I can tell that he's anxious to come out so he can give himself a big stretch. Just like Natalie, this little one loves to stretch. Old people said that babies who love to stretch, will grow very fast. Also, this baby always gets agitated and annoyed when he gets long hiccups, and he'll start stamping his feet on my tummy. Who won't, I get annoyed too, :).

Coming early?
I've been having this feeling that baby will come early, as early as this weekend. Am I that desperate or is baby giving me signal? Hmmm... we shall see. And this Sunday's the day Natalie turning 18 months, or 1 and a half year old.

Apart from that I have some vague physical signs which I didn't have during Natalie's time. I can somehow feel my cervix has dilated slightly since last two weeks, with a short sharp pain every time I have Braxton Hicks. Mild period-cramp-like lower backache, discharge, more frequent urination and some people told me that my tummy looks lower now. I feel that too, the lightening. At one point of time, I was feeling the baby pushing on my stomach but for the past one two weeks or more I was beginning to feel abit relief on my stomach. And I've been having dreams of giving birth via natural birth. I just feel so ready. Gosh, I think I'm really desperate.

Can you feel yourself dialating?

Anyway, I have to settle everything within these few days, in case it's a real sign from baby, as if he's telling me, "Mommy, please get ready now. I'm coming this Sunday."

Naming game
So last night before bed, I decided to dig out my Chinese dictionary and check out some characters, which I'd long thought of using for baby's Chinese name. These are the few that I settled with, 幸哲,幸喆,展业, 宏业,鸣and so on. I particularly like this character, 喆. And NO, it's NOT because of David Tao, 陶喆. The reason I like the character is because it means wisdom and intelligence :). Instead of using ming(明), which is also hubby's name, and it's commonly used.

Stem cell issue
Well, I need to arrange for this too. I believe it's worth coz it's a form of health insurance which money can't buy, even if one may have all the monetary coverage in the world. But the problem is which company I should go for, one that is reliable and ethical in their business management. Have yet to meet a rep from Company C, the newest company. Need to call them.

And I need to do more research on this... headache.

Last Thursday, when I went for my gynae check-up, I found that my weight has again jumped to 73kg, which means baby has put on 1.5kg in just one week. He's now weighed about 2.9 to 3 kg. Wow, heavier than Natalie's birth weight, which was only 2.8kg. After confirming with my gynae, neither me nor baby is overweight, just the right size. It's a good sign, as I was a bit worried about no weight gain like in last pregnancy. But judging from this, everything is fine so far, should baby come within this or next week, he will weight about 3.2 kg or slightly more.

This Thursday will be my next weekly check up. Can't wait to know how much weight baby has put on again.

Been a busy beee...

For the past 2,3 weeks I had been busy, both with work and personal life.

For work, I've been rushing to finish some work before going on my long leave starting next Wed onwards until the end of my 60 days maternity. So I only come back to work next Jan. Can't wait for that long leave, so I can spend more time with Natalie before baby's arrival, and I can spend more time on personal things like my blog.

For personal, I'm busy preparing for the baby's arrival, cleaning the baby cot, digging out Natalie's baby clothes which I think are suitable for baby, getting all the confinement herbals, vitamins, grocery, food and so on. I think my baby may come early, as early as in next two week. Meanwhile my MIL will be away for holiday from Tuesday, for 2 weeks.

Therefore I have to plan ahead, in case baby does come early as this Sunday and MIL's still away, like teaching hubby where and who to get fresh chicken, meat, veggie and gingers supply from, during confinement, how to bathe Natalie though MIL has taught the new maid to do so, but Natalie just doesn't like the new maid to bathe her or cleaning her poos, though she loves to play with the new maid. Strange huh?

It's like she is saying, "Hey, no one is allowed to touch my little backside, except my Mommy, Daddy or Granny." Oh well, I guess it's a privacy issue.

Apart from that, I've also been sorting some legal work for my dad, like applying Grand Probate for mom's will(has been delayed for some time), rewriting daddy's will (after consulted a lawyer friend, it's better to do it that way), arranging the renovation work for dad's house which happens to be nearby my in-law's place, just 2 to 5 min drive. I 've managed to convince him to move in, from his current place. It will be easier for me to take care of him. Generally, he is alright to take care of himself. But he is old and has a health problem. Somehow for the past one year, he just refused to move up till recently.

Hoping I can get the house renovation done before 2007 ends, so that my dad can move in before CNY. Then he can have a reunion dinner with us next CNY at my in-law's and spend more time with Natalie and the baby.

Sad to say, Natalie couldn't recognise him after more than 6 months not seeing him. My dad is old, and I want my kids to know him better, at least remember him. Well, as for myself, my late grandpa used to lived in Seremban, and I only got to see him once a year, while my maiden grandpa passed away a year after I was born. I have no memory of him at all.

O.k. back to me and my preparation, I have to plan ahead for all the hospital bills and confinement service payment and other expenses. Husband's a blur sotong(squid), I have to prepare a list for him to carry them out.

What happened during my last pregnancy was I had a post-partum amnesia. After delivery I somehow forgot about all ATM pins. I just couldn't remember any of them, even till now. And at that time I was in confinement and husband couldn't access to some of our funds. So this time, we have decided to bank in extra to the credit cards in advance, so he can settle whatever bills and expenses. And I can have a peaceful confinement :)

Now, the only thing that worries me is the quality of confinement lady, I'm praying for a good and helpful one. And of course a safe and smooth delivery and a healthy baby.

In less than a month...

My due date is nearing. The baby is arriving in less than a month time.

I've been having minor period-cramp feelings on and off on my lower back, and they were different from Braxton Hicks, I dare to say. I had never had these when I had Natalie even when I was already nearing due date.

But this time things seem to be a little bit different.

I somehow have a feeling that the baby will come early, as early as in two weeks time, probably during the time when my MIL is away for holiday. It means at week 37/38.

That's why I've been busy doing some preparation work in case I'm that early and my MIL is still on holiday. I don't really mind since I'll be having a confinement lady with me. And the new maid is here early, a month early, as we were expecting her either in November or December. So I believe there's a reason for it.

And last few days I was counting the due date backwards. Everything seems to be on schedule, from the first day of my last period, conception date, to my EDD, all seem accurate so far. Should the baby come at week 37/38, it should be full term.

Stem cells or not?
Also I have been thinking if I should go on with the stem cells thing since I didn't do it when I had Natalie, was financially tight then. But my urge of doing is much stronger and we have a budget for it this time.

Frankly I believe it's a wise thing to do, as life's unpredictable. But which company? That is the question. Currently there are three. But which one is the most trustworthy in term of their services and facility.

So this afternoon I met up with the Co. B representative, Miss Z. I'm quite impressed with her presentation and explanation. In fact, she called me up for appointment the very moment I left my gynae's clinic shortly after the nurse informed her that there's potential customer(I requested the nurse to call her). Such a speedy service.

It's within my budget, it sounds good and trustworthy. Seems like the right one. But ... is that the truth? I asked myself.

Anyway, I'm going to meet with the representative from Co.A, the oldest and only listed stem cells company in our country.

Of course when I met with Miss Z(from Co.B), she did mention about this big Hoo-ha blog about Co.A. Well I don't link that blog here, coz I don't know if all the things mentioned in that blog are true. But if you really want to know the url because you're thinking of signing up with one of these companies, you can email me.

But I have to say after reading that blog, my impression on Co.A has gone down the drain, though I still want to find out personally with their representative.

And I'm not surprised if what mentioned in that blog is all true since people can do anything for the sake of money, even risking their reputation. Of course it could be just hoax or propaganda that the competitors trying to bad mouthed Co.A like some of that blog commentors said.

Well, all boils down to find out more and personally, by asking the representatives questions and observe the answers. Not to forget research.

And I'm planning to call Co.C too, the newest among the three. Let's see how things go.

My next check-up is this coming Thursday, it's going to be once a week thing from this week onwards till November 13.

During the last check-up, which was last Thursday, I weighed 72kg. Other than some minor flu, everything is fine.

And more update after this Thursday.

The little dancing queen

This afternoon, my SIL turned on the Wiggles Video for Natalie.

Well she was loving it and danced along with it.

While I was shooting the videos, I couldn't stop laughing watching her dancing.

Please, leave my baby alone!

Was having lunch with hubby at McD. Suddenly this English-speaking Chinese uncle approached us for donation and claimed that he's a mental patient. He kept asking me to buy this Papermate pens pack from him for RM10.

I understood that one psychiatrist session is very expensive. One session can cost minimum RM50 and that doesn’t include any medication. And the medication is costly too.

Meanwhile my regular charge about RM150 to RM200 per session, without medication too, but covered by my work’s insurance.

Actually I didn't really mind donating, and was about to take some money out but when he suddenly said, “Please help me, it also helps your baby.”

I was like “What the…? What does this has to do with my baby?”
Why did you have to involve in my baby? I was really upset by what slipped his mouth. Maybe I was over-reacting but my principle is never never involves my baby.

So I decided not to buy that from him. Then he turned to my hubby. But my hubby just brushed him. Then he went to the other table, before the McD came to chase him away. But before he left, he came one last time to our table and tried his luck again. I was really pissed and just told him, "Please don't disturb me anymore."

I just don't understand, why people who ask for donation always like to play with people's mind. They will use all sort of tricks to make your feel guilt including saying things about your baby. What's wrong with them?

All I hope it’s they just leave my baby out of this sort of matter, whether I donate or not. Leave my baby alone.

Finding the best car insurance rates within clicks.

Finding and comparing cars' insurance quote is a hassle.

I have four more than 10-years-old cars at home, both belongs to my husband and myself, while the remaining two are my in-laws'. When it's time to renew all the cars' insurance, which happen to be the same time, I'll have to carefully compare a few quotes for each car. It's a very time consuming exercise, and without a good driving record or NCP, it'll cost a bomb, for the car insurance plus roadtax. A big OUCH for my family's wallet.

However, at, you can find the best coverage quote based on one's driving record, accident history, vehicle value and age, driving experience, location and so on just within clicks. Be it comprehensive full coverage, third party, fire, and theft coverage, or a basic auto coverage, it's very simple to sort it out in a jiffy. helps users to search for the most affordable and suitable auto insurance rate through their system, even though you might have a bad driving record and accident history. All you need to do is just fill up ONE application quote form, and you will immediately get the most competative quotes from different well-known car insurers for you to compare. It'll save you time from filling in many request-a-quote forms from different auto companies.

The site also offer users useful tips on how to be a prudent driver and maintain your driving record clean, in order to get the best rate for your auto coverage.

Frankly I consider myself a prudent driver and yet there were times when accidents couldn't be avoided. One of my worst accidents I had, happend in 2004. I had forgotten to disengage my gear before starting the car, which was parked on a slope. As a result my Isuzu, lunged forward and knocked into a Nissan MPV in front. It's bumper was badly totalled, while my car wasn't even scratched due to the front bull bars. That accident cost me 250 bucks. But I felt really good because I chose not to hit and run. Instead I left a note for the owner to call me. He did call, and told me that I just need to pay 250 bucks for his repair and paint job, rather than 500 bucks for a brand new bumper. I think it was pretty fair and it settled it.

Since then I had learnt my mistake, and always put in neutral before starting up, and be extra careful on the road.

I rejected an offer

After days of waiting anxiously for new job, finally one came along. I accepted without second thought at first, as it worth slightly more than my first two jobs. But after a while I began to have doubt, whether I should do it. It's an online betting review. Well, I once in a while do buy 4Ds on my car's number plate or one two ringgit of Toto lucky pick. But I don't really believe in it and I don't I want to promote or encourage such activities to others.

Then on the same day, I read about MG's turning down on a USD65 worth paid review for an online casino.

Frankly it wasn't the money that I was worried about, for so long there are job offers coming in, I can always make up to it, no bi deal. It was the fear of rejecting the job would affect my Smorty score, that really bothered me and kept me from removing the job. I was tussling over it.

So I left the job pending, meanwhile I was hoping another offer would pop by. And true enough another one dropped by, quickly I removed that online betting review and accepted the new one though it pays less. I know, I know, it was stupid and probably it had already affected my score the moment I removed the job. Well, it's too late to do anything. But at least I felt better.

But seriously if it were to be worth USD65, I 'm really not sure if I could resist it. It's my more than my one day salary.'s a painful to have to choose between money and principle.

The perfect portable DVD player for travelling

All these time when we go for our long distance family outings, Natalie and I would normally sleep throughout our journey, while dear hubby's driving.

Therefore, I've long been thinking of getting a portable DVD player, so we can play some of our favourite shows while we're on the move. However, I haven't come across one that fits my criteria, till now. O.k. I'm a fussy consumer.

At, I found this portable DIVX DVD player. It's the DIVX compatibility that really captures my attention. With it, I can play my borrowed Japanese anime files, which are mostly in AVI format, whilst on the move.

At home we have a DVD player with the DIVX compatibility, and I can play almost anything with it, such as AVI, mpg files and so on. But it's too bulky to be carried anywhere. And this 10 inch LCD screen portable DVD Player I found in is the perfect solution. It also comes with power cord and connector to outer source.

Other than the DIVX compatibility, it can be easily recharged with its built-in lithium battery by just plugging in to the car's cigarette lighter after a 4 hours playback of an extended version of a LOTR movie.

As for my news' fix on the move, it comes with a TV tuner. I can catch my regular news programs anywhere, only if Natalie's not hogging it.

This mini 3D home theater system fits snugly in our 24 years old 2-doors Toyota AE86.

Also, it's a way to keep Natalie occupied with her favourite programs during a long journey.

What's more to say? It's small, it's perfect and it's all I need for complete portability.

Blog Hop Vs Feed

I still like visit my favourite blogs personally, instead of reading it from my Google Reader. It's that personal touch I get from those blog.

There are 2 main categories of blogs I read. First group, my daily frequent blogs which accumulated since last year, when I started reading blog again. The numbers are still growing. I still frequent them personally, some everyday, some alternate day, except weekends. Have to take care of my daughter, and she's very demanding and wants 100% attention. So no surfing when I'm with her.

Though I subscribe to their feed, but I hardly read their posts from my feed, maybe weekends, just to check if there is any new posts. If yes, I'll hop over if I can.

Group two; these are mostly "Make Money Online" blogs. The number of these blogs increase very fast. And I can't remember all their url. And I don't visit them everyday, so I read from my feed when I have the time. Try to read up as much as I could but there are simply too many of them.

One of the reasons, I like to see if there is new changes to those sites. For instance Twinsmom, she changes her blog theme every now and then, and sometimes she adds new things to it. Changing theme and keep improving your blog layout is a way to keep your visitors coming back personally. And I love to see simple and slick blog layout, and they inspire me to do something about mine. :)

Well,having to say that, I think it's time for me to sit down and do something to my blog layout. Hee heee...

Thanks Smorty!

Hoo hoo... I have got my first payment from Smorty, though it's small, but I'm happy with it.

Since I'm pretty new and I can't really have high expectation. However, it doesn't mean I'm not aim high. Just one step at a time. Rome wasn't built in one day.

Been reading up some full time bloggers' blog. Some of them really earn a lot and I salute them for make the effort to write. Wondering WHEN can I reach that level. Hahaha... just day dreaming a little sometimes, when I'm bored with my work, coz with my day job, I can't earn that amount. However, at this moment, I don't mind working full time and do some part-time blogging during leisure to earn some extra cash.

So for the time being, I'll just stick with Smorty, while I build my way up so that one day PPP and ReviewMe will accept my blog.

Again thanks to Smorty.

My 17 months old little chili padi

Yeah, my little chili padi just turned 17 months 3 days ago.

She's supposed to get her second and last shot of pneumococcal vaccination. I’ve yet to arrange it.

Don't think she put on any weight later, maybe taller, as most of her dresses are getting shorter.


Speech-wise, she's been constantly calling Gor Gor, Jie Jie, Girl Girl, Ma Ma, Ahhh Umm.

One evening when I came home from work, she called me Jie Jie, after calling hubby Daddy.*slap head*

She also love to do that long "Ooooo...", with a surprise look on her face, eyes widened, lips in a little "o shape", pointing her little index finger at something and normally with her knees slightly bent.

The other day, she was playing with a spoon-like toy, and she fed my hubby and I each once with it and said,"Ahhh Umm". It showed she actually knew how to feed herself, but we have yet to let her try.

And I noticed that Natalie loves to play "masak-masak". We haven't bought her any, as her aunt, my SIL, has already bought her a set and she's coming back to KL in Oct. So we decided not to buy her any, instead we got her more books.

I've been reading Natalie short stories every night. And nowadays whenever she got onto our bed, she will hand me one of her favourite books, "Tiny Ted's big adventure" to read to her.

And every time we reach her favourite parts, she respond happily. Especially, that part where Tiny Ted tried to get down from the tree top by whirligig, she would say a long "wheeeeee...." after me.

She also loves the part where I imitate the frog croak, "we burp", she would "wep", then giggled.


Fruits Lover
This afternoon, she brought me her "Little Book of Ten" and asked me to read. When I flipped to the page where there were 10 strawberries, her eyes beamed.
Me: Ten strawberries. Strawberries, do you like strawberries?
Natalie: I like. *She nodded happily.*

Shortly after that, I tested her again. She nodded again without the "I like" though.

Other than strawberry, she also loves banana, orange, kiwi and so on.


Little grooving tigress and her favourite TV commercials
She is learning fast overall, though she still refuses to speak properly, other than just baby talks and gibberish. She imitates sounds from her favourite TV commercials.

Lately, whenever she sees the Julie's Tiger Biscuit commercial or other similar ads with children on TV, she would let a low but loud roar, just like a little tigress. And I have to say she loves to see children on TV, she would giggle.

Or she would keep on saying “Yak!” when she sees that new Yakult ads.

Also, when she sees that latest Celcom's "Who Says" ad, she would groove along. She just loves to dance.

Last Saturday, Natalie and I spent our afternoon were dancing in our room while I was watching one of my uni time favourite movies, Hackers, which has lots the techno tracks. We had some great time together.

Mommy, where're you?
When Natalie's around, I could hardly do anything, other than sitting next to her.

So every time after I get her to bed, I will sneak out to my workstation, so I can do my work.

However, Natalie is a light sleeper, like me and has the habit to get up and check on my whereabout. Yes, even in middle of the night, she would look around our king-sized bed sleepily to see if I’m sleeping next to her, and then she would roll over, and slip her little sleepy head next to mine, just to be close to me.

Last Sunday morning, she was making a big fuss when she got up and didn’t see me around. I was working in this room while she was sleeping in the other room. She cried some time and held me really tight after I picked her up. In the end, I had to switch room with hubby and rock her to sleep, before I could get back to my work again.

I’m kinda worry how’s she going to get through it when I’m in confinement. I certainly hope that I can still co-sleep her during that period, but I’m afraid that I won’t be able to handle it, though I’m getting a confinement lady.

Let’s just hope things will fall into places when the time comes.

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