Starting an online business

The other day a book-lover friend was asking me about online shopping cart software. She’s planning to start her online business, selling imported books.

So I recommended her Ashop, shopping cart software which I reviewed earlier as it's easy to use and suitable for a novice like herself. Meanwhile she can also easily register her own shop domain with Ashop.

At first she offered me to design a nice looking shop front, but I had to turn it down since I'll be going into labour anytime. However, I showed her how simple is to customize the online shop front with the available web themes to suit her taste.

I showed her some awesome features that Ashop offers, with their online demo and tutorial movies.

I was showing her:
- How can she manage sales analysis with the admin panel, such as inventory and stock control with the multilevel product variants and tax variant,
- How can she easily keep track of and retrieve her daily sales data, such as how many visitors to her shop every day, the number of her customers, and potential customers and where they come from.
- How can she design her own discount coupon and gift certificates to send to her potential customers in future, and so on.

She was also happy to find that Ashop shopping cart software has SMS order alerts and is web-based, so that run her business while she travel outstation or overseas.

After going through most of the demos with her, she was impressed with this simple yet reliable software as it gives her so much control over her business.

However, there are still a few things that bothered her, such as the transaction mistakes, payment security and credit card fraud. To ease her worries, I showed her the software integration with Google checkout and PayPal. The Google checkout can help minimizing the chances of customers abandoning their carts, while PayPal can make sending and receiving payment transaction easy for her and her customers.

Without delay, I helped her open a PayPal account to show her how PayPal works as well.

With much amazement, she checked at the pricing and packages and finally decided to try it out their most affordable package, Ashop Light, which only cost her $39.95 per month, as she's aiming to minimize her startup capital.

Facebook Malaysia Blogger Mommies Daddies

I have never Friensters in my life. It quickly became a big hit after it was launched. But I didn't feel or bored to be part of it. Perhaps I was feeling too old for Friendsters. In fact I've grown out my YM, IM or ICQ phase.

Until recently when a colleague invited me to join the Facebook, currently the most popular online socialising network. Even Google offered to buy them over.

In fact, it's fun to use, as there are so many third party applications one can add and have fun with. And some of those applications are very addictive, especially those Vampire and Werewolves fightings... can gain points from fighting. It's one of my favourites.

And I also just started a Malaysia Blogger Mommies Daddies group, feel free to join. It's for all the Malaysian Blogger Parents who blog in English and/or Chinese, whether you reside in Malaysia or outside Malaysia.

Was it a contraction?

Last night while I was watching one of the latest Hong Kong drama, suddenly I had this 5 second long pain from my tummy to my lower back, all the way down to my feet. I couldn't get up.

It was like having a really bad period cramp. But the discharge still looks very minimum. I guess my mucus plug is still intact.

Now that MIL is away, she flew down under last night.So I have to do the cooking, and I got really tired so easily. This morning after few hours of standing whilst preparing the veggies and meats, my back felt like breaking into two and my legs were so sore.

Walking up the stairs was like climbing Mt. KK. Baby felt so heavy now, comparing to 2 days ago. So I took out the weight. Tang! Tang! 75kg. Another 2kg extra. I don't think baby weighs more than 3.5kg, unless I'm carrying a monster baby. Where did all the weight come from? Can't wait till tomorrow's gynae appointment.

Btw, the third stem cell company rep has finally came over and did a presentation. Frankly, this one is the most impressive one. Their company vision, to have their own treatment centre in these region in near future, has made me want to sign up with them. It's their passion to advance and to serve their customers, that really impressed me. The rep answered many of my questions. I guess they're THE ONE, though I haven't signed up, as I'm want to visit their lab first, which is tomorrow, before rushing into it. Yes, I'm a prudent consumer. After all it's not like buying veggies in the pasar (wet market).

At week 37

Today's marks the beginning of my 37 week.

Time really flies. Baby and I are closer and closer towards the EDD. Baby's officially full term today as he has passed the week 36 mark. His lungs should be able to function properly if he is to come within this week. We have walked hand in hand for the past 9 months.

I can feel baby's growing bigger in the womb and he's running out of space. He always try to stretch his little knees against my tummy. So often that I get this sore spot on top of my tummy. And I can tell that he's anxious to come out so he can give himself a big stretch. Just like Natalie, this little one loves to stretch. Old people said that babies who love to stretch, will grow very fast. Also, this baby always gets agitated and annoyed when he gets long hiccups, and he'll start stamping his feet on my tummy. Who won't, I get annoyed too, :).

Coming early?
I've been having this feeling that baby will come early, as early as this weekend. Am I that desperate or is baby giving me signal? Hmmm... we shall see. And this Sunday's the day Natalie turning 18 months, or 1 and a half year old.

Apart from that I have some vague physical signs which I didn't have during Natalie's time. I can somehow feel my cervix has dilated slightly since last two weeks, with a short sharp pain every time I have Braxton Hicks. Mild period-cramp-like lower backache, discharge, more frequent urination and some people told me that my tummy looks lower now. I feel that too, the lightening. At one point of time, I was feeling the baby pushing on my stomach but for the past one two weeks or more I was beginning to feel abit relief on my stomach. And I've been having dreams of giving birth via natural birth. I just feel so ready. Gosh, I think I'm really desperate.

Can you feel yourself dialating?

Anyway, I have to settle everything within these few days, in case it's a real sign from baby, as if he's telling me, "Mommy, please get ready now. I'm coming this Sunday."

Naming game
So last night before bed, I decided to dig out my Chinese dictionary and check out some characters, which I'd long thought of using for baby's Chinese name. These are the few that I settled with, 幸哲,幸喆,展业, 宏业,鸣and so on. I particularly like this character, 喆. And NO, it's NOT because of David Tao, 陶喆. The reason I like the character is because it means wisdom and intelligence :). Instead of using ming(明), which is also hubby's name, and it's commonly used.

Stem cell issue
Well, I need to arrange for this too. I believe it's worth coz it's a form of health insurance which money can't buy, even if one may have all the monetary coverage in the world. But the problem is which company I should go for, one that is reliable and ethical in their business management. Have yet to meet a rep from Company C, the newest company. Need to call them.

And I need to do more research on this... headache.

Last Thursday, when I went for my gynae check-up, I found that my weight has again jumped to 73kg, which means baby has put on 1.5kg in just one week. He's now weighed about 2.9 to 3 kg. Wow, heavier than Natalie's birth weight, which was only 2.8kg. After confirming with my gynae, neither me nor baby is overweight, just the right size. It's a good sign, as I was a bit worried about no weight gain like in last pregnancy. But judging from this, everything is fine so far, should baby come within this or next week, he will weight about 3.2 kg or slightly more.

This Thursday will be my next weekly check up. Can't wait to know how much weight baby has put on again.

Been a busy beee...

For the past 2,3 weeks I had been busy, both with work and personal life.

For work, I've been rushing to finish some work before going on my long leave starting next Wed onwards until the end of my 60 days maternity. So I only come back to work next Jan. Can't wait for that long leave, so I can spend more time with Natalie before baby's arrival, and I can spend more time on personal things like my blog.

For personal, I'm busy preparing for the baby's arrival, cleaning the baby cot, digging out Natalie's baby clothes which I think are suitable for baby, getting all the confinement herbals, vitamins, grocery, food and so on. I think my baby may come early, as early as in next two week. Meanwhile my MIL will be away for holiday from Tuesday, for 2 weeks.

Therefore I have to plan ahead, in case baby does come early as this Sunday and MIL's still away, like teaching hubby where and who to get fresh chicken, meat, veggie and gingers supply from, during confinement, how to bathe Natalie though MIL has taught the new maid to do so, but Natalie just doesn't like the new maid to bathe her or cleaning her poos, though she loves to play with the new maid. Strange huh?

It's like she is saying, "Hey, no one is allowed to touch my little backside, except my Mommy, Daddy or Granny." Oh well, I guess it's a privacy issue.

Apart from that, I've also been sorting some legal work for my dad, like applying Grand Probate for mom's will(has been delayed for some time), rewriting daddy's will (after consulted a lawyer friend, it's better to do it that way), arranging the renovation work for dad's house which happens to be nearby my in-law's place, just 2 to 5 min drive. I 've managed to convince him to move in, from his current place. It will be easier for me to take care of him. Generally, he is alright to take care of himself. But he is old and has a health problem. Somehow for the past one year, he just refused to move up till recently.

Hoping I can get the house renovation done before 2007 ends, so that my dad can move in before CNY. Then he can have a reunion dinner with us next CNY at my in-law's and spend more time with Natalie and the baby.

Sad to say, Natalie couldn't recognise him after more than 6 months not seeing him. My dad is old, and I want my kids to know him better, at least remember him. Well, as for myself, my late grandpa used to lived in Seremban, and I only got to see him once a year, while my maiden grandpa passed away a year after I was born. I have no memory of him at all.

O.k. back to me and my preparation, I have to plan ahead for all the hospital bills and confinement service payment and other expenses. Husband's a blur sotong(squid), I have to prepare a list for him to carry them out.

What happened during my last pregnancy was I had a post-partum amnesia. After delivery I somehow forgot about all ATM pins. I just couldn't remember any of them, even till now. And at that time I was in confinement and husband couldn't access to some of our funds. So this time, we have decided to bank in extra to the credit cards in advance, so he can settle whatever bills and expenses. And I can have a peaceful confinement :)

Now, the only thing that worries me is the quality of confinement lady, I'm praying for a good and helpful one. And of course a safe and smooth delivery and a healthy baby.

In less than a month...

My due date is nearing. The baby is arriving in less than a month time.

I've been having minor period-cramp feelings on and off on my lower back, and they were different from Braxton Hicks, I dare to say. I had never had these when I had Natalie even when I was already nearing due date.

But this time things seem to be a little bit different.

I somehow have a feeling that the baby will come early, as early as in two weeks time, probably during the time when my MIL is away for holiday. It means at week 37/38.

That's why I've been busy doing some preparation work in case I'm that early and my MIL is still on holiday. I don't really mind since I'll be having a confinement lady with me. And the new maid is here early, a month early, as we were expecting her either in November or December. So I believe there's a reason for it.

And last few days I was counting the due date backwards. Everything seems to be on schedule, from the first day of my last period, conception date, to my EDD, all seem accurate so far. Should the baby come at week 37/38, it should be full term.

Stem cells or not?
Also I have been thinking if I should go on with the stem cells thing since I didn't do it when I had Natalie, was financially tight then. But my urge of doing is much stronger and we have a budget for it this time.

Frankly I believe it's a wise thing to do, as life's unpredictable. But which company? That is the question. Currently there are three. But which one is the most trustworthy in term of their services and facility.

So this afternoon I met up with the Co. B representative, Miss Z. I'm quite impressed with her presentation and explanation. In fact, she called me up for appointment the very moment I left my gynae's clinic shortly after the nurse informed her that there's potential customer(I requested the nurse to call her). Such a speedy service.

It's within my budget, it sounds good and trustworthy. Seems like the right one. But ... is that the truth? I asked myself.

Anyway, I'm going to meet with the representative from Co.A, the oldest and only listed stem cells company in our country.

Of course when I met with Miss Z(from Co.B), she did mention about this big Hoo-ha blog about Co.A. Well I don't link that blog here, coz I don't know if all the things mentioned in that blog are true. But if you really want to know the url because you're thinking of signing up with one of these companies, you can email me.

But I have to say after reading that blog, my impression on Co.A has gone down the drain, though I still want to find out personally with their representative.

And I'm not surprised if what mentioned in that blog is all true since people can do anything for the sake of money, even risking their reputation. Of course it could be just hoax or propaganda that the competitors trying to bad mouthed Co.A like some of that blog commentors said.

Well, all boils down to find out more and personally, by asking the representatives questions and observe the answers. Not to forget research.

And I'm planning to call Co.C too, the newest among the three. Let's see how things go.

My next check-up is this coming Thursday, it's going to be once a week thing from this week onwards till November 13.

During the last check-up, which was last Thursday, I weighed 72kg. Other than some minor flu, everything is fine.

And more update after this Thursday.

The little dancing queen

This afternoon, my SIL turned on the Wiggles Video for Natalie.

Well she was loving it and danced along with it.

While I was shooting the videos, I couldn't stop laughing watching her dancing.

Please, leave my baby alone!

Was having lunch with hubby at McD. Suddenly this English-speaking Chinese uncle approached us for donation and claimed that he's a mental patient. He kept asking me to buy this Papermate pens pack from him for RM10.

I understood that one psychiatrist session is very expensive. One session can cost minimum RM50 and that doesn’t include any medication. And the medication is costly too.

Meanwhile my regular charge about RM150 to RM200 per session, without medication too, but covered by my work’s insurance.

Actually I didn't really mind donating, and was about to take some money out but when he suddenly said, “Please help me, it also helps your baby.”

I was like “What the…? What does this has to do with my baby?”
Why did you have to involve in my baby? I was really upset by what slipped his mouth. Maybe I was over-reacting but my principle is never never involves my baby.

So I decided not to buy that from him. Then he turned to my hubby. But my hubby just brushed him. Then he went to the other table, before the McD came to chase him away. But before he left, he came one last time to our table and tried his luck again. I was really pissed and just told him, "Please don't disturb me anymore."

I just don't understand, why people who ask for donation always like to play with people's mind. They will use all sort of tricks to make your feel guilt including saying things about your baby. What's wrong with them?

All I hope it’s they just leave my baby out of this sort of matter, whether I donate or not. Leave my baby alone.

Finding the best car insurance rates within clicks.

Finding and comparing cars' insurance quote is a hassle.

I have four more than 10-years-old cars at home, both belongs to my husband and myself, while the remaining two are my in-laws'. When it's time to renew all the cars' insurance, which happen to be the same time, I'll have to carefully compare a few quotes for each car. It's a very time consuming exercise, and without a good driving record or NCP, it'll cost a bomb, for the car insurance plus roadtax. A big OUCH for my family's wallet.

However, at, you can find the best coverage quote based on one's driving record, accident history, vehicle value and age, driving experience, location and so on just within clicks. Be it comprehensive full coverage, third party, fire, and theft coverage, or a basic auto coverage, it's very simple to sort it out in a jiffy. helps users to search for the most affordable and suitable auto insurance rate through their system, even though you might have a bad driving record and accident history. All you need to do is just fill up ONE application quote form, and you will immediately get the most competative quotes from different well-known car insurers for you to compare. It'll save you time from filling in many request-a-quote forms from different auto companies.

The site also offer users useful tips on how to be a prudent driver and maintain your driving record clean, in order to get the best rate for your auto coverage.

Frankly I consider myself a prudent driver and yet there were times when accidents couldn't be avoided. One of my worst accidents I had, happend in 2004. I had forgotten to disengage my gear before starting the car, which was parked on a slope. As a result my Isuzu, lunged forward and knocked into a Nissan MPV in front. It's bumper was badly totalled, while my car wasn't even scratched due to the front bull bars. That accident cost me 250 bucks. But I felt really good because I chose not to hit and run. Instead I left a note for the owner to call me. He did call, and told me that I just need to pay 250 bucks for his repair and paint job, rather than 500 bucks for a brand new bumper. I think it was pretty fair and it settled it.

Since then I had learnt my mistake, and always put in neutral before starting up, and be extra careful on the road.

I rejected an offer

After days of waiting anxiously for new job, finally one came along. I accepted without second thought at first, as it worth slightly more than my first two jobs. But after a while I began to have doubt, whether I should do it. It's an online betting review. Well, I once in a while do buy 4Ds on my car's number plate or one two ringgit of Toto lucky pick. But I don't really believe in it and I don't I want to promote or encourage such activities to others.

Then on the same day, I read about MG's turning down on a USD65 worth paid review for an online casino.

Frankly it wasn't the money that I was worried about, for so long there are job offers coming in, I can always make up to it, no bi deal. It was the fear of rejecting the job would affect my Smorty score, that really bothered me and kept me from removing the job. I was tussling over it.

So I left the job pending, meanwhile I was hoping another offer would pop by. And true enough another one dropped by, quickly I removed that online betting review and accepted the new one though it pays less. I know, I know, it was stupid and probably it had already affected my score the moment I removed the job. Well, it's too late to do anything. But at least I felt better.

But seriously if it were to be worth USD65, I 'm really not sure if I could resist it. It's my more than my one day salary.'s a painful to have to choose between money and principle.

The perfect portable DVD player for travelling

All these time when we go for our long distance family outings, Natalie and I would normally sleep throughout our journey, while dear hubby's driving.

Therefore, I've long been thinking of getting a portable DVD player, so we can play some of our favourite shows while we're on the move. However, I haven't come across one that fits my criteria, till now. O.k. I'm a fussy consumer.

At, I found this portable DIVX DVD player. It's the DIVX compatibility that really captures my attention. With it, I can play my borrowed Japanese anime files, which are mostly in AVI format, whilst on the move.

At home we have a DVD player with the DIVX compatibility, and I can play almost anything with it, such as AVI, mpg files and so on. But it's too bulky to be carried anywhere. And this 10 inch LCD screen portable DVD Player I found in is the perfect solution. It also comes with power cord and connector to outer source.

Other than the DIVX compatibility, it can be easily recharged with its built-in lithium battery by just plugging in to the car's cigarette lighter after a 4 hours playback of an extended version of a LOTR movie.

As for my news' fix on the move, it comes with a TV tuner. I can catch my regular news programs anywhere, only if Natalie's not hogging it.

This mini 3D home theater system fits snugly in our 24 years old 2-doors Toyota AE86.

Also, it's a way to keep Natalie occupied with her favourite programs during a long journey.

What's more to say? It's small, it's perfect and it's all I need for complete portability.

Blog Hop Vs Feed

I still like visit my favourite blogs personally, instead of reading it from my Google Reader. It's that personal touch I get from those blog.

There are 2 main categories of blogs I read. First group, my daily frequent blogs which accumulated since last year, when I started reading blog again. The numbers are still growing. I still frequent them personally, some everyday, some alternate day, except weekends. Have to take care of my daughter, and she's very demanding and wants 100% attention. So no surfing when I'm with her.

Though I subscribe to their feed, but I hardly read their posts from my feed, maybe weekends, just to check if there is any new posts. If yes, I'll hop over if I can.

Group two; these are mostly "Make Money Online" blogs. The number of these blogs increase very fast. And I can't remember all their url. And I don't visit them everyday, so I read from my feed when I have the time. Try to read up as much as I could but there are simply too many of them.

One of the reasons, I like to see if there is new changes to those sites. For instance Twinsmom, she changes her blog theme every now and then, and sometimes she adds new things to it. Changing theme and keep improving your blog layout is a way to keep your visitors coming back personally. And I love to see simple and slick blog layout, and they inspire me to do something about mine. :)

Well,having to say that, I think it's time for me to sit down and do something to my blog layout. Hee heee...

Thanks Smorty!

Hoo hoo... I have got my first payment from Smorty, though it's small, but I'm happy with it.

Since I'm pretty new and I can't really have high expectation. However, it doesn't mean I'm not aim high. Just one step at a time. Rome wasn't built in one day.

Been reading up some full time bloggers' blog. Some of them really earn a lot and I salute them for make the effort to write. Wondering WHEN can I reach that level. Hahaha... just day dreaming a little sometimes, when I'm bored with my work, coz with my day job, I can't earn that amount. However, at this moment, I don't mind working full time and do some part-time blogging during leisure to earn some extra cash.

So for the time being, I'll just stick with Smorty, while I build my way up so that one day PPP and ReviewMe will accept my blog.

Again thanks to Smorty.

My 17 months old little chili padi

Yeah, my little chili padi just turned 17 months 3 days ago.

She's supposed to get her second and last shot of pneumococcal vaccination. I’ve yet to arrange it.

Don't think she put on any weight later, maybe taller, as most of her dresses are getting shorter.


Speech-wise, she's been constantly calling Gor Gor, Jie Jie, Girl Girl, Ma Ma, Ahhh Umm.

One evening when I came home from work, she called me Jie Jie, after calling hubby Daddy.*slap head*

She also love to do that long "Ooooo...", with a surprise look on her face, eyes widened, lips in a little "o shape", pointing her little index finger at something and normally with her knees slightly bent.

The other day, she was playing with a spoon-like toy, and she fed my hubby and I each once with it and said,"Ahhh Umm". It showed she actually knew how to feed herself, but we have yet to let her try.

And I noticed that Natalie loves to play "masak-masak". We haven't bought her any, as her aunt, my SIL, has already bought her a set and she's coming back to KL in Oct. So we decided not to buy her any, instead we got her more books.

I've been reading Natalie short stories every night. And nowadays whenever she got onto our bed, she will hand me one of her favourite books, "Tiny Ted's big adventure" to read to her.

And every time we reach her favourite parts, she respond happily. Especially, that part where Tiny Ted tried to get down from the tree top by whirligig, she would say a long "wheeeeee...." after me.

She also loves the part where I imitate the frog croak, "we burp", she would "wep", then giggled.


Fruits Lover
This afternoon, she brought me her "Little Book of Ten" and asked me to read. When I flipped to the page where there were 10 strawberries, her eyes beamed.
Me: Ten strawberries. Strawberries, do you like strawberries?
Natalie: I like. *She nodded happily.*

Shortly after that, I tested her again. She nodded again without the "I like" though.

Other than strawberry, she also loves banana, orange, kiwi and so on.


Little grooving tigress and her favourite TV commercials
She is learning fast overall, though she still refuses to speak properly, other than just baby talks and gibberish. She imitates sounds from her favourite TV commercials.

Lately, whenever she sees the Julie's Tiger Biscuit commercial or other similar ads with children on TV, she would let a low but loud roar, just like a little tigress. And I have to say she loves to see children on TV, she would giggle.

Or she would keep on saying “Yak!” when she sees that new Yakult ads.

Also, when she sees that latest Celcom's "Who Says" ad, she would groove along. She just loves to dance.

Last Saturday, Natalie and I spent our afternoon were dancing in our room while I was watching one of my uni time favourite movies, Hackers, which has lots the techno tracks. We had some great time together.

Mommy, where're you?
When Natalie's around, I could hardly do anything, other than sitting next to her.

So every time after I get her to bed, I will sneak out to my workstation, so I can do my work.

However, Natalie is a light sleeper, like me and has the habit to get up and check on my whereabout. Yes, even in middle of the night, she would look around our king-sized bed sleepily to see if I’m sleeping next to her, and then she would roll over, and slip her little sleepy head next to mine, just to be close to me.

Last Sunday morning, she was making a big fuss when she got up and didn’t see me around. I was working in this room while she was sleeping in the other room. She cried some time and held me really tight after I picked her up. In the end, I had to switch room with hubby and rock her to sleep, before I could get back to my work again.

I’m kinda worry how’s she going to get through it when I’m in confinement. I certainly hope that I can still co-sleep her during that period, but I’m afraid that I won’t be able to handle it, though I’m getting a confinement lady.

Let’s just hope things will fall into places when the time comes.

Week 34, more visible vein and excessive protein

It's been a while since I last update on my pregnancy here.

I'm getting into my week 34, another 6 weeks to go. Weight 70.5kg. Feeling very anxious, and can't wait for the baby to come.

Visible blue veins
And I can see blue veins on my expanding tummy are getting more and more visible, especially on both sides.

Water retention on my feet
Many people have ask me if I have it for this pregnancy. Well, my answer is yes, I have it, especially after a long day. I notice that my ankles swelled up a little at night, but the swelling would disappear in the morning. So I guess it not too bad.

Even during my first pregnancy, I had it at the end of 3rd trimester, with some cramps.

Week 33's Ultrasound
I went for my fortnightly follow up on last Thursday.

The baby's been very playful during the ultrasound. I managed to see his face, though still difficult to tell who he looks, but I could see him opening and closing his mouth. Rubbing his tiny hands over his face, sucking his thumb and so on. So cute. And the gynae also printed out a 3D photo of him for my collection. It's a bit blur, but will post it on here when I have it scanned.

Baby's overall growth seemed fine, with a strong heartbeat. With enough of aqua fluid inside this time, as in Natalie's case, the aqua liquid started to reduce few weeks before the due date and my placenta was aging. Hopefully it won't happen this time.

It has turned. No wonder I have been feeling many kicks from inside my tummy, as he loves to rub his little feet on my tummy. Sometimes when he stretch himself, wow, that's painful. His little head will be pressing on my bladder while his legs will be pushing upward on my tummy. And he loves to do that. A little naughty one is on the way.

Hmmm... I've got a lot backside smacking to do, when he comes out... ahahahaha...just kidding.

Protein in urine
Apart from the little one being healthy, the urine test showed sign of protein, means potential infection. I think I'm having urinal tract infection again, coz I feeling some soreness. Need to call my gynae to inform her and get some antibiotics, as the soreness only started after I came back from the follow-up. And the next follow-up will be 2 weeks, don't think I should wait that longer. Urinal tract infection can be very serious, if left untreated. I'm very paranoid.

Can I go for natural birth?
I also asked about the natural birth and caeserean possibility. As usual, all doctors are the same, there are times when they just refuse to tell you too much for some reasons. I found it annoying as I'm the type who love to find out every details about things I want to know, don't kow when I become like that, I wasn't like that few years back. Maybe I AM THAT paranoid.

Oh well, she did mention I can try and my chances of having natural birth is slightly lower, about 60% to 70%, than those who haven't had ceaserean before, with a another possible emergency ceaserean. Let's see what happen. Meanwhile just pray for the best.

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