The big D episode.

For a few days I was having diarrhoea.

Sunday - Dinner had something not clean. I think it was the soyacincau. Avoid soya milk sold in those Chinese coffee shops. Hubby told me: '...if you see the way they do the drink, you don't want to drink.' That's why he normally order the can one. Or if he really crave for soya milk, he would rather get from those soya milk and "tofu fa' seller who normally come in a van.

Monday - Bad diarrhoea with frequent toilet visit and by end of the end I was drained. Feeling exhausted and the body was so achy. Saw doctor twice. Once my GP, then later that evening, I thought that I had fever, so I quickly ran to see a gynae. Thank goodness, false alarm.

Tuesday - After three dosages of charcoal tablets, diarrhoea persisted, took one anti-diarrhoea pill. Took a half day. Slept through the afternoon. The diarrhoea slowed down. At night did my income tax.

Wednesday - On leave to rest. Much better. Can eat the food I want. No more diarrhoea. Had some pineapples to clear the system.

Small tip:
My dad used to tell me that when you have diarrhoea, try taking some pineapples coz it helps to cleanse your system. Well, not sure if it's true, but I find it effective so far. I don't mean the whole pineapple, just a few pieces will do, fresh or canned.

Oh, but if your stools are black you better think twice, it means you are bleeding inside, go see a doctor quickly.

Week 18 and 19 Update

They said second trimester is the honeymoon period of pregnancy. I say it's true (at least for this pregnancy), after having three nauseous and ill-feeling months with constant vomiting. When the morning sickness gradually settled down at about week 13, I could really feel the differences. I could enjoy food better and control my vomiting with minimal use of medication. The feel good moment is really a big thing for me. I feel and look pregnant without feeling extremely ill especially in the morning.

Back then when I had Natalie, around week 18 and 19, I was still vomiting, and was admitted for a few days. It was after the hospital episode, my morning sickness began to settle. However I still religiously took anti-vomiting tablets 3 times a day. And it made me super sleepy day and night during that period. I fell asleep during office hours everyday, believe it or not?

Today, I feel much better though on and off I still have that vomiting sensation. But that's because of the back drips of the phlegm from my nose. It's irritating at times, but it's better than the vomiting non-stop. And the rhinitis medication is much more bearable than the anti-vomitant. At least I'm in better control.

And the baby has been kicking very often. Like I said early, it's a wonderful feeling, and the more it kicks, it means it's active inside. It's like it's reassuring me: "Mommy, Mommy, I'm here healthy and happy. Don't worry."

Yesterday, went to see my gynae, a week early. The triple test result is back with postive note. It's a blood test that is used to screen for possible "Down Syndrome" in fetus, though the accuracy is not 100%.

The ultrasound also showed that the baby is growing strong and healthy. It's a BIG relief. Next I want go for a more advanced scanning test, to further confirm.

And of course the big question popped up: Boy or Girl? I was often asked the same question for the past few weeks. So yesterday DH asked the gynae during ultrasound. I knew he is eager to know. *Drum rolls* "Look like a girl", we were informed. The gynae said that as she failed to spot the male genital organ, either it's still to small to be spotted, hidden or there is none. So she thinks it's girl. I don't really mind.

Frankly my preference was 50-50. I hoped for a girl coz Natalie will have a little sister to share things with. Save us parents a lot. Easy to take care of. And people often say girls are better these days. But I have to look for a name. It's difficult to find another name with an initial of N that go with the surname. At the moment, we are thinking Natasha or Olyvia. What do you think? Pesonally I have another favourite, Natania. I got this name when I had Natalie, I thought if I have a second girl, this is the name.(I always think far ahead... hee hee... ) But DH disliked it, he said it sounds like 'Narnia'. *roll eyes*

Meanwhile I also hoped for a boy, so we can use the name my DH and I had long thought of, our favourite for a boy, Maximillian(Natalie is our favourite for girl), not Napoleon, excuse me (a friend once said jokingly that I should name my boy Napoleon, if I have one. Ceh!).

Anyway, I'm not old-fashioned type - the die-die-must-have-a-boy type of person, neither my DH, unlike my parents, though he would like to have a boy whom may share his interest in car and drifting one day. :)

My in-laws? My mother-in-law always said that they are the the-girl-is-more-precious family, she never stop talking about her daughter in front of the relatives. Of course I know my father-in-law would love to have a boy to carry the family name. And he's probably betting his BIG hope on my husband and I to realise his many children big family dream. But DH'd already said, "No, two is enough." So... my father-in-law can only dream about it at night.

And I've already happily telling people I'm having a girl since this morning. I think I still prefer a girl to a boy. (I hope the gynae won't tell me next month that it's a boy, coz I will have to delete this last paragraph.)

Lock bumping & the solution to it.

Just received this: "Lock bumping: How to Unlock 90% of all known locks easily".

After watching the videos, I was like "Oh my goodness!" It's so easy to bump a lock. All the bad guy needs is just a screw driver. "Bang! Bang!" and he can break into any houses he wants. Now, I'm just wondering if this lock bumping principle works on those padlock of ours?

Just see for yourself how easy it is to bump a lock.

Lock bumping and bump keys:

Lock bumping solutions:

Unlock everything:

Bumping principle:

See! It's THAT easy.

At week 16 and 17

Life without hormone pill seems to be the same.

And lately I have noticed that the nausea feeling is due to my empty stomach in the morning, so if I have a proper breakfast, lunch and dinner and plus 2 snacks in between the main meal. I feel much better. It means never leave your stomach empty or it will get gassy.

And when I said proper meal means something with cabohydrate, like rice. It really fills my stomach for at least 2-3 hours, before I start thinking about food again.

Apart from the empty stomach, my nasal congestion is another cause that also makes me feeling nausea. Especially when I skip my daytime tablet and the nose gets really congested with the mucus. So I make sure I take my morning tablet so the my nose will be cleared and dry.

The baby starts kicking?
The other day when I was lazing on the couch, suddenly I felt this little movement inside my tummy. Could it be the baby?

Nope, it wasn't the stomach, I'm sure, coz it was on the right side, and my stomach is on the left.

That wasn't the only time. One other time was when DH and I were on our way back from a nice dinner, and I had this sudden one poke from inside my tummy. It's quite distinctive and I was quite sure it was the baby.

Foetal kicking and punching from the womb is the best interaction a woman can have with the growing unborn.

When I had Natalie, I only started to feel her movement at week 20 and above. And she was an active foetal. She reacted to all kinds of noises and my touch. Sometimes, at work while I was bored, I would play with her by tapping my fingers on my tummy, and she would react. It was fun.

I still remember that I used to volunteer for this organisation and I went for their meeting which were normally with many people and very noisy. She just loved it it. And every time the people in the meeting laughed, she would kick or punch.

Sometimes, even when I talked to her, she would respond, during my third trimester.

But it's also it could be very annoying when you are trying to sleep and the foetal keeps kicking you from inside, mostly happen in the third trimster. That's when the foetal has filled up most or all space in the womb with its growing body. So at night when you sleep, the foetal will kick you when it's not feeling uncomfort with the way you sleep.

Despite of that, it's still a wonderful experience. And really love it adn can't wait for this baby to start kick more often.

Don't give up, you're loved.

There are times in life when we are lost and feel really depressed and wanting to give up.

It's normal to feel sad and down, as it's part of life which is full of up and down. Only through the tough times , we learn to appreciate the good times, and be strong.

Just remember no matter hard are things, we need to hang on and don't give up. It'll come to a pass, and good things will come.

There'll come a time when we can look back at what happened with a smile.

Now let me share this song with you, "Don't give up (you're loved)" by Josh Groban

About Josh Groban
The first time I noticed him was when he guest starred in Ally McBeal, because of his decent boyish look, many moons ago. Later found out that he can sing well and has a really good voice. More about him

Don’t give up
It’s just the weight of the world
When your heart’s heavy, I
I will lift it for you
Don’t give up
Because you want to be heard
If silence keeps you, I
I will break it for you

Everybody wants to be understood
Well I can hear you
Everybody wants to be loved
Don’t give up
Because you are loved

Don’t give up
It’s just the hurt
That you hide
When you’re lost inside, I
I’ll be there to find you

Don’t give up
Because you want to burn bright
If darkness blinds you I
I will shine to guide you

Everybody wants to be understood
Well I can hear you
Everybody wants to be loved
Don’t give up
Because you are loved

You are loved

Don’t give up
Everyone needs to be loved

You are loved

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