How long after a Caesarean(a.k.a C-Section) should a woman wait to get pregnant again?

I've been asking this question over and over since the day my DD was born. And I'm not the only one.

The traditional advice:
"...women should wait a year after one section before becoming pregnant again.." (excerpt from link

As for me, Caesarean was never in my plan, until the day my baby was born, April 28, a week before my due date.

During last checkup, my gynea noticed something unusual about my pregnancy, no weight gain since a month ago. Hence I was asked to go to the hospital for an observation the following day.

During the observation, my baby had a sudden drop in heart rate, sign of fetal distress. As a result, I was offered two options:
1. I could try natural birth via induction which might lead to long labour, with the possibility of stillbirth.
2. Or I could go for Caesarean, obviously a better choice for the baby.

And it was't that difficult to make the decision, I chose the later.

Thank goodness everything went fine, with only a slightly longer recovery period due to the incisions.

So, how much time these Caesarean incisions take to heal?

"These incisions usually heal very well in an otherwise healthy woman and are thought to be fully healed by three months after delivery." (excerpt from link

It depends on one's health condition and recovering rate. It varies.

All I did was faithfully taking my vitamin supplements, C and E, watching the food I ate, while making sure my wound was clean and dry properly everyday for the first 3 months. No heavy for the first 6th month. So that my wound would heal properly on the surface as well as internally. It's because I was already thinking of 2nd pregnancy and preparing myself for it.

On my 2nd visit to my gynea, about 8 weeks after my delivery, she did an ultrsound and a pap smears for me. Both showed good recovery and the womb had returned to its normal size. But she also warn me about getting pregnant too soon as it would be stressful for the womb.

What are the possible labour complications after Caesarean?

8 months went by, the thoguht of 2nd pregnancy became intense. I read many online articles on labour risks after Caesarean. One of my major concerns is uterine rupture. "An uncommon but serious complication. A tear in the uterus can result in a hysterectomy, blood transfusions or death for the mother and brain damage or death for the infant." (excerpt from link

A GP whom I consulted, explained to me that uterine rupture, be it during pregnancy or vaginal delivery, can subsequently lead to loss of uterus and the baby. Gosh! I was terrified. I was adviced to have a gap of 18 months before next conception.

However, based on what I read, there were also cases where women got pregnant again in a shorter timeframe, let's say six months or less after a Caesarean, and they turned out to be fine throughout their pregnancy and had a smooth delivery, mostly via another Caesarean. And I became doubtful and worried.

So in early Jan, I finally went back to see my gynae. After an ultrasound, she gave a green light to go ahead and start trying. I was told that I can attempt VBAC, but ruled out long labour or induction. Also, for mothers who had had a Caesarean, there is a very low risk of uterine rupture.

Well, we've started trying again. My DD is already 45 weeks old today, or going to be 10 months next week. Mentally I'm prepared for another Caesarean, after weighing the risks of uterine rupture and the benefits of a vaginal birth. But honestly I can make it through a vaginal birth. And I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the best.

For mothers who share my concern, it's important to discuss it with your gynae, and voice out your concerns. At the same time take good care of yourself and your health, the best preparation for your next pregnancy. And good luck for ttc(trying to conceive).

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