The little dancing queen

This afternoon, my SIL turned on the Wiggles Video for Natalie.

Well she was loving it and danced along with it.

While I was shooting the videos, I couldn't stop laughing watching her dancing.


Anonymous said...

Wei, can't view your video leh. Did you assign it as private or public view? If it is private, we will not be able to view it.

dolphine said...

Changed liao. Think can play now. :) Sorry.

kai said...

Nowadays, children are very lucky because most parents can at least afford to snap lots of photo for them. My time? my mum said must borrow from relative and can only afford to take very few only. Very cute little girl you have!

dolphine said...

Hi Kai,
Welcome to Dolphinitis.

My time too, I have only a limited number of my babyhood's photos, not to mention videos.

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