Startup Camp KL 2008

Happy Halloween to everyone.

It's been a while since my last post which was dates in July. Been months. Many things had happened, and yet many things has happened, which meant to happen. But that's not the reason I blog today, apart my inner guilt for not blogging here for so long.

Anyway, time flies. Maximillian is going to be 1 years old in 10 days time. And today is my bosom pal's beautiful son, Luke's 1st birthday. Happy Birthday to Luke. May he grows up as cheerful and beautiful as the mother.

O.k. the real thing: Startup Camp KL 2008. This is it.

What's Starup CampKL08?
Nope, it's not some outward bound school camp, neither it's a summer camp, nor a camp fire. Sorry, not BBQ not, setting up tents. But we might have werewolves. We could have the biggest werewolves session ever. And you will love it.

What's StartupCampKL08?
Startup Camp KL 08 is going to be the largest unconference for entrepreneurs and startups in Malaysia. Over 300 entrepreneurs from all walks of life and sectors are expected to congregate in two full days of ideas exchange and making connections. Startup Camp is held in conjunction with the Global Entrepreneurship Week and it will be on the only National Level GEW event. It will be on 22nd and 23rd November.

Being an unconference, this event is organized by participants for participants. There will be no keynotes address, no special guest and no long boring lectures. It will be jam packed with new ideas and opportunities. If this is your first time attending an unconference, be prepared, for this is an ultra casual event.

For Malaysia's very first Startup Camp. We have divided it into 3 tracks. These tracks comprises of the General Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurs and Technopreneurship. We have allocated slots of 45 minutes for the participants to conduct their sessions.

The session type range from discussion to presentation to round tables to games to anything you can think of. For those participants who wish to contribute a session can book their session at our Wiki,

As for the rest of the participant, we all have two crucial task.

Number 1. Participants should be actively participating in the sessions and share with others. You can share with your friends details about startup camp before the event or you can share what you learn from startup camp after attending it.

Number 2. Vote with your feet. Do remember you can vote for each sessions with your feet. If you find you cannot contribute to the sessions or you cannot add value to yourself or the rest in the session, it is polite to walk out and drop in to another session. If you do not find session that you are interested, you can always add on the board to start and impromptu session.

Details of Startup Camp KL 08
Date: 22nd and 23rd November 2008
Time: 9 am to 8pm on Saturday and Sunday.
Venue: Plug and Play Center @Level 7, The Garden, South Tower.
Startup CampKL on Facebook

Well, if you really can't join us in KL. Then we also have BarCampJB(6-7 Dec08) and BarCampPenang(TBA) coming up.

Or if you are overseas, then you should look out for the Global Enterprenuers Week which will be held simatenously at various different locations worldwide, from 17 Nov to 23 Nov 2008. Check out the various locations.

Meanwhile here are some sneak peek of the event, photos and some videos from the last BarCampKL08. Only this time is less techie base.


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