A wonderful Mother's Day

Yes, wonderful is the word. We had a wonderful family trip to the KL Bird Park at Lake Garden on the Mother's Day, instead of going to the cinema. I wanted to let Natalie and Max to experience(still too young though) the close encounter with the nature and birds.

Besides my in-laws also had plan on their own.

We left the house right after lunch, with the maid. And it took less than 30 min to reach the place and the traffic was really smooth. I guess most of the populations were in the malls.

When we reached there, there were also other families and the crowd was alright.

The admission fee was RM15 per adult with Mykad, and kids below three are waived. So we paid RM45, well the lady at the ticket counter decided to give a discount to our maid. What a lucky day!

The moment we entered the place, we were greeted by the colourful parrots and lovebirds. Some of the visitors were feeding them while others were taking pictures.

I quickly pointed at the birds and told Natalie,"Nat, come and see the birds..."

First time to the bird park, her eyes were gleamed with excitement and pointing at the birds, "Bird, bird..." she called out. The birds were flying around freely, and she wasn't afraid at all.

On the other hand, Max was a little overwhelmed by the flying birds, started to cry.
Not again? The other time when we brought him to IKEA, he chickened out when he saw the crowd. Well, we have to bring him out more often.

Max is the opposite of Natalie, who is a people person since she was a baby. She enjoys crowd, and like to follow us to "Gai Gai"(shopping).

Anyway, back to the bird park. The day was nice day to walk and get close to the nature. Besides, the place was very cooling too as there were canopies everywhere. And we had a good walk.

At the park, we saw many types of birds, there were Indian Blue Peacock, toucan, different types hornbill, ostrich, emu, flamingo and many others which I didn't have the time to memorize their names.

They also have a bird nursery, but we skipped that, as we were with the kids.

Apart from birds, they also coil fishes and beautiful man made waterfall, nearby that was where they house the flamingo. Have you seen a black flamingo? They have one. And the flamingo can stand actually stand on one foot.

They whole place were fenced, so the birds can't escape, but I guess most of them were born there and that was their habitat, and where would they want to leave.

At 12.30pm and 3.30pm everyday, they have birds show. Unfortunately we missed that.

Also they have a little playground, Natalie tried to the seesaw, the swing and the slide for the first time in her life. Only only at that moment I realized that we had never taken her to the playground behind our house. We should do that more often as she enjoyed her time there and reluctant to leave. And she cried and made a scene...Phew.

At last I had to tell her that we were going to get chocolate for her. Then only she stopped crying. I didn't lie to her, I actually brought some chocolate cream buns with us. And she ate 2 and half of those. Can't you believe it?

While Natalie was having a great time and laughing most of the time, baby Max was rather quiet as he spent all his time in the baby carrier. But he didn't complaint a bit, and when he was tired he slept in for a bit. When he got up , it was time for milk...

And we stopped by one side, and chow down on our buns.

After the break, it was almost four, and we were all tired and decided to go back.

On our way back, there was this BIG surprise for us. We caught the same Indian Blue Peacock showing off his iridescent blue-green or green coloured plumage. What a lucky lucky day!

I remembered that read it somewhere that it's a rare sight for a peacock to show off his plumage. I should have bought some 4Ds since we manage to see one on our first trip to the bird park.

Well, like I said it was a wonderful trip and we all had a great time and got plenty of pictures to show off... hahaha...

And I highly recommend you to bring your kids there. It's a fun place to be. You will not regret it. Bird flu? Nah...

More pictures and videos...

A peaceful and fulfilling Mother's day

Time flies huh? This year will be the 3rd Mother's Day as a mother, and now I'm a mother of 2.

We don't really celebrate Mother's Day in the family, at least on the actual day. Normally we will do it in advance of one day or a week. It's to go for a family dinner. Most of the time, we prefer to stay at home, cos DH and I hate crowds.

So what would I like to do on that day? Let's see... frankly I hate Sunday. Why? Coz the next day is Monday and I have to get back to work. Most people have Monday blues, bu I have Sunday blues.

So normally I don't overwork myself on Sunday, but yet I hate the idea of just lazing around at home, watching the lousy tv programs, while most of the time, the kids would be crying and whining (Natalie has been behaving like lately).

So this Sunday, perhaps DH and I can go for a movie or something in the morning, since we haven't been to the cinemas since Max's arrival.

Then maybe bake some muffins for Natalie. She loves my muffins....hehehehe...

After that clear the family hall, as we are in the process of moving some of those stuff to Dad's new renovated home. Meanwhile I hope the kids will behave good while I do the chores.

And a nice feeling good evening before bedtime.

In short I just would like to have a peaceful yet fulfilling Mother's Day. It's that simple.

*Just remember, we may have to skip the movie part, as my ILs are going somewhere in the morning or revise the sequence of the events...

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Natalie's 2!

Last Monday was Natalie's 2nd birthday.

Sunday night we had dad coming over and joined us for the family dinner.
The dinner was to celebrate Natalie's as well as FIL's birthday, which falls in April too. Two birthday one dinner. The family tradition.

After the simple dinner, before sending dad home, dad got to play with his two favourite grandchildren.

After seeing Max happily playing with granpa, Natalie also joined in the fun and let dad carried her on his laps. This girl... Before that she was afraid of dad.

I guessed dad really enjoyed this special moment with his grandchildren.

So the next day, which was Monday, DH and I were both on leave, so that we could take the kids out to IKEA. Phew! That was quite an experience...tiring, not that fun.

Max was overwhelmed by the crowd in IKEA, not that big though and he cried. So I had to carried him in the baby carrier, facing me, then only he settled down. Well, we hardly took him out for shopping. And I guessed he felt more comfortable having me close to him. It made me feel special though...

Meanwhile Natalie, who loves shopping, simply couldn't sit still in the stroller. She wanted to run around freely. But we couldn't let her. I have this losing-her phobia.

So when I let her out to try on the rocking horse. She was so exiting and refused to sit in the stroller after that. Having to carry Max and running after Natalie was taxing, even though just for that little while.

So after the snack, we decided to go home and rest.

In the evening we brought Natalie to the nearby CakeSense to buy her birthday cake. Well, she was still too young to know how to choose her own cake, though we let her tried.

Wait the minute, she did choose something that she liked to have, Yakult. She was pointing at the Yakult in the fridge when we asked he to look at the cakes. Kids generally have sharp eyes, right mommies?

So we bought the one that she pointed, a raspberries flavoured one.

And after dinner we sang her the birthday song and cut the cake. She still didn't how to blow the candles... maybe next year.

Overall she had a great day. I could tell her expression, maybe it's because DH and I were at home and we took her out for "Gai Gai"(shopping).

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