To moon and back again:)

29 July 2011

It's been a long while since my last post, back in Oct 2008.

During these 2 years plus, many things had happened. Many I have lost count, but here are some major happenings which had made me who am I today. Also, reasons why I decided to reignited this blog.

1. The two little ones have grown up quite a bit and now attending kiddy.
Natalie is now 5 and Max is turning 4 in Nov.

2. Early 2009, we went to Langkawi with our in-laws.

It was a fun trip. Max's first time on a plane. He was alright. No fuss. And everyone had great fun during the trip.

3. My father has left us in March 2009, to be reunited with mom in a far far away land. It was sooner than I expected. Again reminded me, 'Life's short.'

4. In November 2009, we had our first little family trip, only 4 of us, to Melbourne to visit the my siblings.

During that 7 hours flight, it was a nightmare. Both kids were making lots of fuss. I had to carrying them on my laps(they took turn to sit). I almost cried towards the end of the flight. Till finally we were there.

Another nightmare, Max refused to be strapped in baby seat. By the end of the trip he actually learned to sit contentedly in the car seat. And we had no problem strapping him down in car seat since then.

With the kids, we didn't get to go a lot of places. But then, it was quite an experience for us, now that I look back.

5. Natalie has started her ballet class since last June. She is enjoying it.

It's been a year since then. End of this year, she will be performing in the year end concert.

6. Max started going to kiddy. I have no choice as he was getting bored at home and giving the in-laws a hard time. Terrible two.

His first 3 days were alright. But after that he refused to go back.

7. Natalie showed signs of disliking her old kiddy, because teachers' problem.

8. Found another kiddy. At first, I had doubt about it. But after a week, Natalie grew to love it. The teachers are patient, loving, good with children and their number of children are way smaller than any other kiddy. And they could managed Max.

First 3 days, he was crying when I left him there. On the fourth day, he was happily going to kiddy without fuss. And most importantly he learned a lots from there. It was surely a blessing.

7. Early this year, Natalie and I have been going for Yamaha JMC for the last 6 months. I wasn't thinking about it till a friend who convinced me to send Natalie there. But it's proven worthy and fun that I'm able to learn and play piano together with Natalie.

8. Max is diagnosed of having mild autism during Chinese New Year, highly functional though. We had him assessed by a clinical psychologist. And we were shocked but have learned to accept the truth and deal with it.

Also, I began to understand why I always felt that Max is a little different.

Well, it's a disorder that has no cure, but we can certainly help him to learn to do better.

9. Therefore, we have been sending to Early Intervention Program(EIP) since May.

10. Max has improved greatly in language and behaviour, with the assistance of his kiddy teachers and the EIP teachers .He gradually moved out from his two- years-old toddler-hood. It's little late but he did it.

He's now a little cheeky, chatty, joyful boy who started to ask 'Why this?' or 'Why that?'

11. Since the kids started their new kiddy, I have became their chauffeur. Life became different. I spent more time with the kids on the road.

With Max going EIP, I have a lot more running around to do.

12. Meanwhile I became more aggressive at work after certain management restructure. Also I started a company with some friends.

13. Also, I began to question my ability at work. Am I still fit as a designer though I have been promoted a senior position.

14. I took a month off(unpaid) to rethink of my future.

15. I decided to go and seek help from counselor in order to regain my self-confidence.

16. Later found out I had a relapse. Back on medication.

17. Finally I decided I must move on. Two months ago, I submitted my resignation letter.

After I submitted my letter, I realised that I have nothing to lose but everything and more to gain. And I feel better as an individual.

18. Today, I'm a full time mother who plans my children daily activities and learning materials, freelance designer who want to try to stand on her own and trying out different things and one of 4 little owners of a company.

There's a saying;: One has to let go in order to gain more.

After almost a month of relaxing and spending more time with my children, I find that my mind is freer and I have ideas popping more often than before. It's because I can concentrate in the life I want.

19. I'm back and hope to share on how I learn deal Max's autism with optimism.

Max is the key reason I made my decision and found myself.

20. I didn't go to the moon, though it felt like I did:)

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