Week 20 - 24 - Chronic Rhinitis During Pregnancy

Have not been updating on my pregnancy progress for a while here.

Just had my monthly check-up last week at week 23.
Everything's fine. My little kickboxer has been growing stronger each day and its power kick's gettng harder. It kicks harder than its sister did. Natalie was a powerful kick boxer too when she was in the womb.

For the past few weeks, I felt pretty much the same, with my rhinitis got a little better than the initial stage. But still under medication, Actifed, at least once a day, can't sleep without it as the nose would be badly blocked, on rare ocassions, twice if I have to, one day and one night. But I've been trying to keep it once a day, as I do worry about the effect of the medication may have on the baby.

When I told my gynae about it, she decided to refer me to a E&T specialist to have it check out, and adviced me to stop the medication if possible. Well, she gave me that when I first complained to her about my rhinitis. Now she's telling to stop after so many moons later. *cold sweat*

So I went to see the E&T yesterday. After some checkings, the E&T specialist confirmed that my rhinitis is due to my hormonal change during pregnancy. It shall get better after delivery. And he couldn't treat me with full-fledge medications, since I'm pregnant. And he only could prescribe me the saline nasal sprays, instead of the decongestant nasal sprays, and menthol which are safe to use during pregnancy. And he reckon I switch to Piriton as it's safer for pregnant woman. He also explained that my gynae's concern of my overusage of Actifed can cause miscarriage. What about birth defect? *blinking*

"...medicines can affect the unborn baby because they can enter the baby’s bloodstream, along with nutrients, via the placenta...The trimesters of pregnancy are also factors in determining safety..."(taken from article, Pregnancy Conditions & Medicines)

My symptoms of rhinitis during pregnancy
Sneezing, nasal congestion, runny nose and mild headache.

My family history of rhinitis
It runs in my family. Except my dad, my late mom, sister, brother and I have the same sinus problem. Among us, my mom and brother had the worse problem and they had throughout some minor operations to minimize the effect.

During my schooling time, every morning I had runny nose, but it would dried up shortly. The problem disappeared when I was studying in Australia, thanks to the clean fresh air. And when I came back, I didn't have the problem anymore, for at least 10 over years. Even during my first pregnancy I didn't have any rhinitis problem at all.

However the problem arose shortly after I'd given birth to Natalie, due to drastic hormonal change in my body. That was the trigger. It was quite severe, and I was given antibiotics. It became chronic rhinitis and lasted for a few months. Luckily with the help of medications, my condition gradually improved, but didn't completely went away, subjected to weather change and the severity of the haze.

About a month after I got pregnant again, it came back again, till today. I could tell it's better now than in the first trimester.

Like one of my GPs once told me, some old disappeared health issues can be triggered by pregnancy, while it makes others disappear. Hormonal change plays a big role. Ladies, take good care especially during and after pregnancy.

"...In women, especially during pregnancy, hormonal changes can significantly affect nasal mucosal hyperreactivity and worsen ongoing syndromes..."(taken from Prevalence and differential diagnosis of chronic rhinitis)

"...Rhinitis can also be a feature of endocrine disease, like hypothyroidism, or can occur during pregnancy. Rhinitis can be made worse or even improved during pregnancy..." (taken from article, Advice From Your Allergist: Rhinitis)

Therefore, it's likely for someone like me, who have a history of rhinitis, to have pregnancy rhinitis, though it's not always the case.

Ladies, make sure you discuss your condition with your gynaecologist or obstetrician, if you have rhinitis during pregnancy. You should consult your gynaecologist or obstetrician first, before you taking any medications, including decongestant nasal sprays.

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Life is like that lor!

Over the past four to five years, friend after friend got pregnant. Everyone that had got married is now a mommy, including myself. In a recent gathering, in April, almost everyone brought their baby or babies to show off and I brought Natalie too.

Among us, the first to get married is now a mother of three, with the youngest aged about 3.

Since 2005, good news after good news. In the beginning of that year, friend J gave birth to a baby boy.

Then in slight more half a year later, the same friend got pregnant again, while I was two months pregnant with Natalie.

In September, another friend, gave birth to her first baby girl. In November, Vien became a mother too. In Dec, friend P became mother of two girls.

In 2006, four of us had each given birth to a baby girl during the first six months, and became new mommy. One of them's daughter, Helen, is only three days older than Natalie, and was born in the same hospital.

In the second half of 2006, two more new babies, a boy and a girl.

This year, my best friend and I both got pregnant around the same time, only one week apart. About four months later, another friend, an ex-collegue, who was actively trying for a second baby had successfully conceived.

And this morning, got another good news from Vien, that Belle is going to have a young sibling early next year. Congratulations to her!

Flashing back to 15 years ago, all of us were still some young innocent school girls. The thought of becoming mommy seemed so distant then. Our main priorities then, were probably school work, tuitions, exams, boyfriends, university issues, SPM, and so on. Having children? What children? We probably would ask.

Today, most of us are already a mother. Our priorities are different now; children, husband, work, getting pregnant again, housework, health, and so on.

Let's fast forward to 15 years later. What will become of us? Probably the same things, except that most of us would have had enough of pregnancy, while our children are already schooling.

Anyway, let 15 years later be 15 years later, meanwhile let's hope all the pregnant mommies, "Safe pregnancy, take care, eat well and safe delivery with a happy baby."

To those who is trying to conceive, "Good luck and eat well too."

And the rest who are none of the above, "Take care and he happy."

Little Chili Padi is turning 15 months old soon

Aiyooyoo… lazy me. This post has been long due, should have written it earlier when she turned 14 months old.

In another two weeks time, she is turning 15 months.

Actually I couldn't remember the feeling of having her in arms the first time. Instead I remember that the first question I asked when the nurse woke me up after my c-sec - "How's my baby?"

"She's fine." they replied.

It was a relief, as before I went into operating threatre, I was so afraid that I wouldn't never be able to see her or get out of the threatre. You know la first time being cut open mah, who wouldn't be scared.

When she was pushed into the wad, she was already bathed. And I think her eyes were half-opened.

I couldn't believe my eyes.
"This's the little one inside my tummy for nine months?" I was thinking to myself. I was overwhelmed, with a mixed of feelings.

And that night we shared the same for the first time.


And today she’s one cheeky little monster who runs around the house, still quite unstable, with that "Yaya..." all the time.

By now, she is 10kg and 75cm tall.

Words and phrases she understands
Many words and phrases she can understand but whether she follows or not is another matter.

The other day, I asked her, “Where’s your ball?” She squat down next to the coffee table and looked underneath. Truly the ball was there under the coffee table.

But she can't really speak yet. Only certain words, like:
Ta ta and ya ya – don’t know if she know what it means.
It probably means ‘I want that “something’, when she is really something, she would “Yayayayay…”

wower - flower, she would point at the flowers in one of my favourite tops.

bird - she would point at bird.

milk milk /nen nen - when she wants her milk

mum mum - food

ma ma - not sure if she is calling me or the grandmother

ello - when she put her toy phone next to her ears.
One morning, after the milk, Natalie climbed down the bed and grabbed my handphone, then put it near her ear, and said: ELLO... (pronunciation not so accurate yet, but could make out what she said.)

Another time, she even tried imitating what I said, "Hi, there."

Last few weeks she was in this throwing tantrum phase when she didn't get what she wants. These two weeks, she has got a little better.

Throwing Tantrums
Two Sunday ago I took her to this Sunday school for 0 to 2 y.o near my house. During the singing session she got fascinated with this little piece of dirt on floor and went to pick it up. I tried to take it away from her. She started to throw tantrums and cried. I had to take her away from the crowd and sat with her on one corner till she calmed down. It took a whole of 20 mins for her to eventually settled down.

I tried to reason with her but she just didn't listen and insisted having that piece dirt. Sometimes I really don't know to do and when I do something I 'm not sure if I doing it correctly.

Or perhaps throwing tantrums is just a phase before Natalie starts using words. She still baby talks alot, though we always speak to her properly. Since an infant I talk to her in proper words. I can tell that she understands well what we say. But she just refuse to use the words. For instance every night before bed she insists I feed her some potato buns, she loves it. The moment she sees a pack, she will grab it fast, then give it to me, wanting me to open it for her. Everytime before I put the bread into her mouth, I would say: "bread" or "say bread". Once or twice she said it angrily but lately she just open her mouth and refuse to say it.

And she refuses to drink plain water. She will just take a sip or two and push the bottle away. That's why till today I never feed her any softdrink. The only thing I let her drink are Milo kosong (plain Milo, no sugar, no milk), warm honey water 4 to 6 ounces per day (a way to make her drink) and orange juice mixed with water (occasionally).

She is a very determined person, but too determined sometimes. Hopefully I can help her to develop her determination characteristic into good use.

Clingy little darling
Despite of her 'chili padi'ness, she is a very pleasant child, as she enjoys crowds and love to observe people. She can get along with people easily, though lately she gets a little shy when some relatives come over.

She loves moving about. At home, she always walking about, climbing up and down the couch. And when we go shopping with her, she would complain when we stop to see things. Like the other night, we went IKEA with her in a trolley. When I want to look at certain things, she will put her hands up to ask me to carry her along, so she could see it too.

At night when we go to bed together, she will crawl and lie next to me, so I can cuddle her to sleep. If I'm busy in the toilet, she will climb down the bed and play in order to wait for me. The moment I get onto the bed, she will follow.

When we go out in the car, she will want to sit next to me (don't worry it's when hubby driving), having me embrace her. And when she is tired, she will lay her little head on my laps and sleep.

One Saturday I left her with hubby waiting while I went into the wet market to get my stuffs. She started looking for me after a while, and calling "Meh Meh". I guessed it meant Mama. I was so happy when hubby told me that.

Yes, she is very clingy to me, but I love it. Coz I'm a possesive mommy.

She weighs three times more than her birth weight. So imagine I have to carry her at times. It's taxing with my pregnancy though I love to carry her.

And she has grown taller. All her dresses have become shorter and shorter.

She has got only three teeth now: one top and two bottom. She teethed late, her first tooth only cut after her first birthday. I was worry then, but now I miss her big toothless smile.

She can run around quite fast now. And chasing after her is tiring. I tried the other day, and the next day, my thighs and buttocks muscle are aching.

TaiQi Move
Lately she has been doing this "TaiQi" sort of move. Half-bends her knees, with her arms swinging slowly. God knows where she learned that from. And also ballet move. She would hold on the coffee table, then lift up her right leg.

Like an toddler she loves to dance a lot. When she sees her favourite commercials on tv, she would dance along. Some of them are the Digi's 'I will follow you' ad and that Takuya's Gatsby ad on Saturday.

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