New glasses for new year.

One of the many things I love to change for this new year is my glasses.

The last time I changed my eyeglasses was back in year 2001. Yep, it's been 7 years, and I still war that same old glasses.

And these days changing eyeglasses isn't cheap. For a pair of decent prescription glasses with good quality lenses can easily cost few hundred ringgit, or may be a thousand, depending the type of frame and lenses you choose.

But you now at Zenni Optical: Sell Rx Glasses $8 with case!

For a decent pair of eyeglasses with prescription, such as single vision, for only $ 8. It includes good quality stylish frame, anti scratch coating thin and light 1.57 index lens with full UV protection and polishing edge, hard case and a microfiber lens cleaning cloth. Or to upgrade to 1.67 index len, is additional $17. Well, under RM100 after conversion.

Not bad deal huh? And it also comes with full gurantee. Well my current eyeglasses cost me RM200 to RM300.

So what are you waiting for? I'm getting mine.

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Dolphinitis's 1 now!

Last Saturday marks the first anniversary of this blog. It's been a year since I started this blog. Hoo hoo...

So far this blog has over 100 entries for 12 months. Phew... slow huh?

I would like to seize the opportunity to express my gratitude to all of you who read this blog and leave your comment. Thank you. And to those who want to comment but feel shy, I hope to hear from you. Don't be shy shy...

From my part, I'll try to write more often with more interesting stuffs. I know I can be long winded and boring at times. Oh well, that's me.

So far have I achieve what I set out for with this blog? Well, I must say YES!

I wrote about my kids, my last pregnancy and some of my 2 cent. Meanwhile I also manage to earn some extra cash, not much though, since I'm very occupied currently with my kids.

Perhaps when I go back to work and when Max is older, I can find more time to put in more effort in this blog, like change theme. Also now that my Photoshop is still missing, I can't edit my photos for posting up here. Sorry about that...

I love to put more pictures here.

Frankly I have so many things I love to write about with so little time I have.

Anyhow, once again I thank you all for your support. It's your comments that keep this blog going. So keep them coming, the more the merrier...

When your PC cannot display Chinese...

Feel really sad and angry as I can't update my Chinese blog or read my regular Chinese blogs now. It's so sad.

DH's friend helped to install the Window XP with his Service Pack 2 our PC. Somehow the Chinese input was left out. As a result, all Chinese displays end like this: ??????????????...

Guess I have to go and buy one since I'm really desperate, and our Service Pack 1 just doesn't work at all. *slap forehead*

I'm back!

It's good to be back.

Nope I didn't go anywhere. It was my PC. It suddenly went kaput one of the nights last week. The water cooler was leaking, the cpu flooded and the motherboard was wet and damaged.

So for almost a week I managed to survive without pc, internet, and blogs. Thank God, I was pretty occupied with baby max, Natalie and my dad's place renovation work, which started last Sat. Did a lot of running around during the day.

During the nights I could only watch TV, though a few nights were spent at IKEA. We were shopping there till they chased us out, to get some wall lamps and stuff.

Anyway, it was tough without the internet or the pc. I couldn't do my work and most importantly, surf. Felt lost touch with the world outside. I didn't know what were happening out there, besides my own little world. Thanks God it's finally back now(still got some software installings to do though...).

And I missed blogging and blog hopping.

Btw, my Chinese language setting is still out. Can't even display my own blog content properly. Hopefully it works with Firefox, trying to download the setup now.

I'm a drama series addict!

I'm still on maternity leave. In fact, I had just apply another 4 weeks, back to work after Chinese New Year, tentatively. I may change my plan as my annual leave is running low, need to save some for other ocassions, like the mid-year holiday trip.

Since I'm still on leave. What do I do other than taking care of and breastfeed Max as well as spending time with Natalie, top most priority, surfing and blogging, sleeping, and going shopping(seems like I have a long shopping list. Gosh! it means my wallet's bleeding heavily).

Well, I also addicted to US drama series, I used to watch a lot of them, before I had Natalie. Suddenly I stopped watching, not exactly sure why. Now I'm back to this drama series watching spree. For the past two weeks, I had finished watching Supernatural Season 1 & 2 (it's spooky but funny too at times)and Medium Season 2. Just bought Season 3, I just love the Dubois. I watch them whenever I breastfeed or feed Max, be it day or night. I have to say that these two dramas are really good, highly recommended.

I also used to like CSI, CSI New York(still like them, except Miami version, didn't like it, because of Horatia), Monk, Lost(stopped watching coz I was lost with it) and Veronica Mars.

Apart form the US dramas, I also like to watch the Hong Kong dramas as well as the Japanese ones. Korean? This category no thanks.

Believe it or not, I also bought and finished watching all the other three Harry Potter movies available, after I'd watched The Chamber of Secret.

Well, looking all the titles, you more or less know my taste for dramas series. So any dramas series addict out there?

5th Anniversary

Today is our 5th anniversary. Wow, it's been 5 years since I married to DH in 2003. I didn't actually count. It's like in a blink, it's 5 years.

DH is my first and last boyfriend. I met him in my current workplace back in 2000, when I first joined. When I first met him, he was smiling at me. And I had this weird little feeling inside me, which I wasn't what was it. Maybe it's the "it's him!" feeling, was it? I don't know.

It wasn't love at first sight for me. Not too sure about him. I think so.

I'm glad that I met him and married him though at times we had auguement over our differences. However, often we think alike and he speaks my mind.

Ever since I met him I become very dependent on him in some ways, and he is dependent on me in other ways. We sort of complete each other and compliment each other's shortcomings. I'm not sure if I can live without him.

Today, we have two lovely and adorable little monsters. I always pray that we can walk together forever, and see our children beautifully and grow old gracefully.

DH always tell me that we are perfect couple. Why? It's because I'm a ONE(1) and he's a ZERO(0). When two of us standing together, we are 10. Get it?

The best breastpump

Even though my milk isn't enough for Max after almost two months. But I have to say I enjoy breastfeeding Max.

My first breastfeeding experience with Natalie wasn't quite successful. And this time, I actually stayed back in the hospital to learn up the breastfeeding technique and tried to give Max a better head start for breastfeeding.

However the first day we came, things didn't turn out well. I was in pain as Max still couldn't latch on properly the right breast and could hardly latch on to the left breast. And immediately the next day I had take him back to see the paediatrician as he wasn't taking in enough and I thought he had bloody pee. Also he had this swollen nipples. And his jaundice seemed to have gotten worse.

Due to the soreness and the bruise, I was so afraid to put him on my breasts. And I started him on bottle and formula. For while he was confused and I was afraid that he wouldn't breastfeed anymore.

Worrying about that, we went back to see the hospital lactation assistants a few times. With their help, I managed to continue breastfeeding Max till today and he can latch on well. Though it's not an exclusive breastfeeding experience, but I'm still proud of myself as I managed to hang on till today. I hope to breastfeed as long as possible.

I can see that he enjoys it too. Sometimes he smiles contentedly in the midst of breastfeeding, or after that. It's wonderful experience and surely he's the best breastpump. ;)

Lamb chop, anyone?

Last Saturday Dh and I brought my dad, my in-laws and my babies to this place in Section 17 for family dinner.

It was to celebrate dad's birthday, MIL's birthday and our upcoming 5th anniversary, which all happen to fall on this month.

We caught this HoChiak's review on the restaurant, 6 to 10 Grill & Nasi Lemak, on the previous Sunday. Since then I was craving for lamb chops for a few days.

So few days later, DH and I went to try out the food ourselves. I had the RED Wine Lamb Chop and DH had the Pineapple Sauce Pork Chop, and a Wild Mushroom Soup each. I have to the Lamb Chop and the soup were good.

I'm a big fan of mushroom soup, be it white or wild. Remember many years ago I had this very delicious creamy wild mushroom in this restaurant, don't know the name, which used to be in LOT 10. It cost at least 8 to 10 bucks for one small bowl, but it was yummy. I could still taste it oin my mouth after we walked out of that restaurant, which I don't think it's either moved or closed down. That was the first time and the last time I had wild mushroom soup, till recently.

As for the lamb chop, it was quite a big portion for about RM25. And it tasted good. Meanwhile the pork chop was not bad too, it's different, though I don't really fancy the pineapple sauce.

Last Saturday dinner only cost us 134 bucks for 5 main courses for each of us, 4 wild mushroom soups and 5 drinks. Reasonable, eh? And I had lamb stew this time, and again I like it and it was quite filling.

This place was popular and packed with customers. When we were done, there were still many customers waiting to be seated.

It was quite a nice and clean place to dine out with your family and the food is good value for money.

A sleepless night...

I simply cannot sleep tonight, not because I want to stay up, because I 'm upset...

I'm feeling sad because Natalie chose the maid over me.

Last night, she was making fuss and I offered to carry her, but she went to the maid. I was really disappointed. I waited for her come to me, but she was happily clinging to the maid. How can one not be upset?

Hubby kept telling me that she is still young...

But kids aren't stupid. Felt like I'm losing her for that moment. So I came upstair to breastfeed max. After about half an hour, I went downstair again, she was still clinging to the maid.

I told MIL not to let the maid carry Natalie that often, and I got this: "Natalie was making fuss mah..."

Natalie made fuss and must be carried around the house by the maid just because I'm not free and MIL is not willing to carry?

It was heartbreaking for a mother already feeling guilty for not having to spend enough time to her daughter. And now the daughter ran clinging on some stranger instead of the mother. And the MIL did nothing to stop that but encourage.

What am I to say? *Sigh*

A perfect fit

When you are sad and can't sleep, what do you do?

Well, I surf and try to do something to cheer myself up and make myself tired, like now.

As a result, I found this ipod case which also known as invisibleSHIELDs, very useful for my Sony Ericsson K750’s screen, as it can be custom made to fit.

My phone is almost 2 year old and it was bought before Natalie was born. DH passed it to me when he decided to get a PDA, which he was eyeing for a long time.

By the time the phone reached my hand, its screen was scratched a little. And I have been thinking of getting it a shield to protect it, but never actually get down to it, until just now.

This invisibleSHIELDs protector, can also be custom made to fit other devices like PDA, camera LCDs, MP3 players, laptops, GPSrs and so on. It uses military technology; urethane film which is used used to protect the leading edges of military helicopter blades, sound cool eh?
It’s invisible, durable, scratch-proof and with a life-time guarantee. And it’s only $11.95 with free shipping.
Hmmmm… to go with this screen protector, I may consider a new casing too, just to give the phone a new facelift, since I’m still far from getting a new phone.

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