The Wiggles + I Will Survive =...


This is what I got when I searched for one of The Wiggles songs which was playing in my head since lunch time.

And you know what, the funny thing was that in the morning when I was searching for this very same "I Will Survive" song in Imeem, and was playing it on my PC...

Another homemde video...

I was testing out the Window Movie Maker.

And I have to say that it's fun to use despite of some minor hiccups on the software. But what the heck, it's free and comes with the Window.

So I decided to edit a lil movie out of some videos I took on Natalie and Max. And added half a track to the movie.


How to make a lamb cap.

I learned this lamb cap thingy from 小女人,可爱的绵羊帽。And she learned from another mommy - The Wong Family..

Natalie loves wearing it. Then I thought, why not making a lil movie out of it. So I did.

Ladies and jelly beans, here I present you...

Enjoy! Happy lamb-capping with your lil jelly beans.

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Disastrous Friday Night...

Just like always, when I thought things are getting better and decided to give myself a pat on the head, something horrible always pops out unexpectedly.

Just when I thought of having a quiet Friday night. Quietly get Natalie to bed, followed by Max, something unexpected happened.

I was trying to get Natalie to bed a little early tonight, by 10.30pm, before bringing the baby o up stair and get him ready for bed.

However when baby came up, Natalie was still awake. Suddenly baby cried, Natalie followed, like always. I'm not sure why? I'm guessing she was scared, of "dirty things" maybe. I mean dead people.

Well, the ability runs in my family. My mom and my brother both has it. Luckily my sister and I don't. Could it somehow got passed to my daughter? I'm just guessing. Why? The other day, DH and I brought her to Giant. While we walked near some CNY decor section, Natalie suddenly waved her hand, as if she was waving goodbye to someone. But when I looked to that direction, there wasn't anyone there... O.k it's creepy.

Also, there were times, at home, she would stare into the air like she saw somebody there. I'm getting goose bump here.

Or perhaps I'm wrong. Maybe she just afraid I would carry baby,and not her. I hope I was wrong about that whole I-see-dead-people thing

Back to where we started...

As for baby, I'm guessing he was crying for milk and missing me of course.

So I wanted to make milk for him and add some fever medicine into the milk, coz he just got his jab. His doctor asked us to give him one dose before bed, just in case.

And the medicine was in the fridge, and I needed to go and get it, since DH refused to go. He said he didn't where was the medicine. Fine! I'll take it, I thought.

But Natalie just refused to stay with her daddy and wanted to follow. I was mad at DH, for if he went and got it, it would be easier for me as I could stay with both children for a while.

So I went down with Natalie.

Like father like daughter, both are being difficult. Who suffer? Me of course.

I got pissed off and frustrated. So later I shouted at her after I failed to get her to sleep for a second time. I banged the door(bad move) Well, it startled the baby too as he thought I was shouting at him and began to crying very hard. Gosh!

Chain reaction. DH got mad too, and he blamed everything on Natalie. He came in to our room and scolded Natalie, who was already lying on the bed sobbing after I shouted at her.

Like adding oil to the fire, she cried louder and got really scared, and came clinging tight to me.

Poor girl. She was crying and crying. I guess she must have felt sad and thinking why mommy and daddy hate me so much. She cried herself to sleep in my arms.

After that I felt so miserable and so sorry for Natalie and Max.

Why things always have end up this way? Is Natalie a little too young to have a brother? She seems too young to understand the whole concept...

What can I do to settle all these problems? Instead giving Natalie a brother, I deprive her from the attention she needs from me.

Or should I just let my PIL take care of her instead?

Feel like one step forward, three steps back.

We're Brothers Forever...

I was half-forced to watch this by DH which he found in one of his favourite forum. And it's quite funny...

You would know him, Renaldo Lapuz, supposed to be his stage name, if you're an American Idol follower. Another William Hung??? Or just a William Hung wannabe.

Here's a techno version of the song. Whoever did that, I salute him... so free..

And someone has already make a website and ring tone from his "We're Brothers Forever" song. (the vocal ringtone is inside here) (the techno remix mp3)

This is what I call a shortcut to fame...

The 12th Malaysian General Election

The very much anticipated general election is finally coming closer after more than half a year of waiting... as the parliament has just been dissolved an hour ago, not that I'm really looking forward to it or getting too eager to vote though.

Well, my very first vote was cast during 2004's election. Back then I was polling at Tun Razak Area. Can't remember much of it, except that it was in a school nearby in a hot Sunday and luckily I didn't have to wait too long before it was my turn. I went there with my late mom and my dad.

This year I had my address changed to my husband's place. So instead of voting in Tun Razak, I'll be voting for the whoever-I-feel-deserved contestant in PJ.

I actually went to two different post office to get my address changed.

First time I went to this old post office nearby. Well, the lady told me I have to wait 3 months for the confirmation, and they will sent it to my old address. I waited like... god knows how long... nothing came.

So 3 months ago, I went to do it again at this other post office in Ikano. And finally it'd done. Just log on to spr's electoral roll checking site to check my electoral roll and yes my address has been changed to my current place's, at last.

So thank you very much for the Chinese New Year card, YB Tan, but sorry to say that you won't be get my vote this year... as I'm now belong to PJ.

So when is the actual election day? One the hottest topics among lengchais, lengluis, uncles and aunties in the kopitiam, since early last year, other than the Mongolian murder. March 2nd? Or March 8? We shall know tomorrow.

Back to work!

I finally went back to work on Monday, after a 3 and half months break. I had a mixed feeling about, was sad because I can't spend the day with the kids, but meanwhile I had this little feeling of can't- wait-to-go-back nudging within me...

For the past 2 days, things were just going slowly and steady. Nothing much to do for the time being. I hope I'm not speaking too soon, though I need something to ignite my engine, I enjoy the leisure at work.

On and off I miss the girl and the baby.

Life after working hour is short. Within that few hours before bedtime, I have to bathe, eat, express breastmilk, cleaning and feeding the baby, then get him and the girl to sleep before 12. So that I can sleep by 12.30am, in order to get up by 7.30am the next morning, to express the milk out(at least 45 minutes to an hour to get 120ml) before I can get ready for work.

Well so far, other Monday, I couldn't get up till 8am, partly becoz of the drowsiness of the anti-depressant. And I've been late for work.

Of course both the girl and the baby sometimes take turn to make fuss at night, one after another.

If baby doesn't sleep, I can't sleep, and the girl doesn't want to sleep too...

Luckily I have DH to help me out. He feeds the baby, while I express milk. Why I express the milk and not direct breastfeed?

1. I have anti-depressant before bed, some the milk would contain some anti-depressant, which I don't want the baby to have it.
2. I have to maintain my supply...

For the past few days, I only give him at night before I take my daily dose.

Or 3. I don't know how much he drinks if I direct breastfeed. By expressing, I know he can get at least 120ml per feed... and I can get more milk out.

I only direct breastfeed him after I express before bed and my medication.

To sum things up, too many things to do with too little time in hand.

Princess Leia Spotted!

I learned to make this lamb cap thingy from 小女人. She demo once in one of her posts, showing her children wearing it. She learnt it from here. Give it a try you may...

The first time I made it(few months ago), Natalie refused to put it on. Dying to take it out of her head...

The other day I was "free and nothing to do", so I tried the cap on her again. Well, once it on her head, she won't let it go. And she made me put the napkin for her... so she would look like Princess Leia... -.-

and started to run around the hall...

Later when I tried to take it away from her, she was screaming and crying...

Nat: Princess Leia

Nat: Princess Leia

Nat: Princess Leia

Nat: Princess Leia

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