Flickr Vs Picasa

Since I could no longer find the uploaded images' url to be embedded in my respective blogs, I decided to switch back to Picasa. The only shortcoming of Picasa is their maximum image width is 800px. Anything bigger than that will be shrunk to 800px to keep the loading speed. Sad.

Thinking of a place to store my blog header background images...geee

Updated "Life is a Darling"

Finally have taken the time to update this photo blog of mine, Life is a Darling!

The blog is basically dead. Now I have to revive it by updating it more often... don't worry I still have plenty of photos to share... It's just a matter of scanning them and and do the editing.

Do drop by.


Have set up a YouTube Channel, DolphineChannel to share my two darlings' videos.

Will uploaded some of their older as well as latest videos there. Do drop by to check out the videos.:)

Hero family.

I got this joke this morning from a dear friend and I couldn't stop laughing...

A: May I know your name?
B: Batman...'

A: May I know your name?
B: My name is Bat-man.

A: Trying to be funny?!. What is your surname?
B: Supar-man...'

A: I want to speak with your manager...

If you think it is funny...


A voter and an agent

Never been this interested and involved in election. For the first time I was a voter, a polling agent and a counting agent at my polling station.

It was quite an experience.

Shopping on the Black Friday for Christmas

Christmas 2007 is long gone and it's another 9 months to Christmas 2008. Is it too early to plan your Christmas now?

Well, too be frank it's never too early to plan a little early these days as life is always busy with work, with kids, with the house chores and many other big and little things. And before we know it's Christmas again. And in the states, they have this Black Friday Shopping.

What's Black Friday Shopping?

Black Friday is actually the Friday after Thankgiving, which normally falls on the fourth Thursday in November in US. Hence Black Friday Shopping marks the beginning Christmas shopping spree and stores would open as early as 5am for the early birds.

It's one of the busiest day retail shopping day of the year. Surely the stores would be packed with exciting shoppers.

Since I'm not living in the states and definitely missing out all the Black Friday shopping funs.

However with theblack friday ads, I can still enjoy the really good doorbuster deals. is a one-stop online shopping mall where one can find out what’s hot, what’s on discount, and where, just within clicks.

At BlackFriday.inf, they have a list of retailers, such as Walmart, Amazon, ToysRus and many more.

Through, these retailers will list out their Black Friday or Cyber Monday hot deals in advance, to allow customers to pre-plan the Christmas shopping list. One can search for their desired items either by store of by category.

One can also subscribe to their emailing list so you get the up-to-date list of item available on the Black Friday 2008, without logon to the site, if you are busy and afraid to miss out any good deals. not only helps shoppers to save time, but money too with their discount coupons which can be used with online purchase. Of course not to forget their daily updated HOT deals which only for online shoppers.

With, who needs to get up before 5 on a Black Friday anymmore?

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