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My two little darlings.

Updates on my two little ones.

Natalie, my little chili padi, is turning 16 months old tomorrow. Another milestone.

She finally called me "Mommy" once last night. This time I could tell she was calling me "Mommy". Hoo hoo... finally.

Not only that, she also kept calling "jie jie"(big sister) and "goh goh"(big brother). So I took the opportunity to tell her that she is becoming a "jie jie" soon. And told her that, as a big sister, she would have to "sayang"(love) and take care of baby, then took her little hand to stroke my tummy, and saying "Sayang baby..." I looked at me for a while, then started calling - "Jie jie. Jie jie." happily. Not sure if she understand.

"Mommy is mine!"
I still remembered one incident which happened when DH's cousin came over to our place with her daughter, Yu Hui, who is only a month older than Natalie. When I carried Yu Hui in my arms, Natalie quickly protested and cried. She was barely 7 to 8 months old at that time.

And another time, when DH put his arms around my shoulders and gave me "Good Night" hug before bed, Natalie saw it and quickly ran over to push her daddy away, and hugged me. And after that, we tested her a few times on purpose, she did the same.

Now I'm a bit worried that she will become Ms Jealousy when little one is born.

A friend told me that I can tell her by teaching her the responsibility of being an elder sibling. That's why Iwas trying to explain to her the baby and "Jie jie" thing and instill the idea in her. Hopefully by November, Natalie who will be 18 months plus then, will be able to understand the whole sibling idea and handle it well.

Another thing I would do is properly the little gift exchange ceremony. I'm planning to get two little gifts, one for Natalie and one for the baby, and let them exchange the gifts to each other when the little one is born. Of course, either me or DH has to do it on behalf of the little one.

Daddy's girl
She is getting closer to her daddy these days.(Of course she is still more clingy towards me.) I'm glad that's happening, because DH can share more of my duties such as carrying her around, while my tummy's getting bigger and heavier each day and couldn't afford to carry her that much. And sometimes when I'm busy, DH can take care of her by himself, without having a lots of crying.

Clingy darling
The older she gets, the clingier she gets. These days Natalie likes to fall asleep in my arms. And very often in the middle of the night, she would gets up to see where am I, and then crawls into my arms again, just to be close to me. But I love it.

The playful little one
The baby's going to be 29 week in a day or two. It means another 11 weeks to go. Simply can't wait till that day.

Current Pregnancy VS Last Pregnacy
This current one is, so far, different from last pregnancy with Natalie.

1.I vomitted less, though I'm still on and off have this nauseous feeling, comparing to the last one, in which I experienced six months of vomitting. X((

2. Can eat more, and eating more and more as I'm gets hungry every 2 - 3 hours, especially lately, my current weight is 67.5kg.
My tummy is bigger this time, my buttocks and thighs are big and as huge as cow legs. Gosh! how am I going to get back my pre-preggie figure after this???

3. Now that I'm in my third trimester, I gets tired easily, compare to last round.
During the last pregnancy, I could get very hyperactive at times. There were nights I didn't sleep and yet the next day I could still be very active. However, this time I can really feel the weight of the baby wearing me out. I need a lot of rests and I took 2 -3 hours naps on weekend afternoons. If I don't, I feel very nauseous and tired.

4. I'm still having this chronic rhinitis, though it's getting better.

5. This little one kicks a lot more than the sister. It also loves to rubbed its little feet and elbows on my tummy against. And it hiccups a lot. This can be quite annoying at times, especially when I'm busy working, or sleeping. However, these are signs of the baby being healthy, so I don't really mind, after all it's just another two months to go.

6. I have more ligament stretches this time. When it happens around my c-sec wound areas, it can be quite sore. Also I have experienced some sharp short soreness this time. There was one time, it happened middle of the night. There was this sudden short, sharp pain from within. But it went away shortly. Thank goodness. Could it be a minor contraction? Hope it's nothing to do with the wound.

My biggest fear is still uterine rupture, though my gynae did mention the chance of that is very slim. But I still can't get off my mind whenever I feel the soreness from within.

Braxton Hick
And lately I have been feeling the Braxton Hicks contractions ocassionally, a sudden tightened feeling of the uterus, the tummy would feel hard. It can happen anytime.

And I had it very often in my last pregnancy, I think it started as early as 6 months.

Boy or Girl
Two little episodes during the last check-up I had two week ago;
In the room...
Gynae: Have I scanned for your baby gender for you?
Me: The last time you said that you couldn't see the baby's p****. So I assume it's a girl.
Gynae: I think I could see something this time... (She smiled.)

Later, with the nurse at the counter...
Nurse: You are having a boy this time ah? (She was staring at my record)
Me: Doctor said maybe it's boy. But I think we shall wait and see...
Nurse: She put a mark here. (She pointed at the little mark on the remark column.) When she did this, should be 80% sure.

80% sure? It means still another 20% not sure, right?

Be it a boy or a girl, I don't really mind, though I'd had this notion of bringing Natalie s younger sister. Anyhow my main concern is still a full term, healthy, normal baby adn of course a safe delivery, be it natural or caesarean.

And DH and I have thought of some names for the baby. If it's a boy, we will name him, Maximillian or Maximus. And if it turns out to be a girl, it will be either Olivia or Faith.

Here's a sneak peek of the little one's side profile at week 27.
little one

Week 25-27

I'm more than half way through my pregnancy. My little fighter will be due in about 12 to 13 weeks. Exactly 3 months time as my EDD is 13 November.

Every time I think about "THE" day, I feel excited as well as afraid. I can't wait to meet my little one, but I'm also afraid of going through the birth process, be it natural or caesarean again.

Natural or Caesarean?
The last time I talked to my gynae, she said that it will all depends on my condition. If it happens naturally, I will be allowed to go through a natural birth. However, if overdue and still no sign, I will have to go through another caesarean. And strictly NO induction.

I guess as long as the baby is healthily delivered, I don't really mind either, though a natural birth is more preferred. No, it's not because I'm so gungho. But simply because I wish to have a third child, and if I have a second caesarean, then the subsequent pregnancy has to be caesarean. But all I can do is just pray and leave it to God.

Last week, I was down with bad rhinits. Simply because I was stupid enough to sleep with the air-con on one of the afternoon. And coincidently I missed my medication on purpose the night before. Immediately after that air-con nap, I had bad sneezing, runny nose and blocked nasals, both sides. Most of the time, I couldn't breathe. So eventually I had to see doctor.

And I had to take 3 days of decongestant to clear my blocked nasals. And I was told that blocked nasals could lead to lack of oxygen supply to the baby and cause fetal distress.

Well today I'm feeling much better. And I can go without my regular rhinitis medication on alternate day now. Just make sure I don't sleep with the air-con anymore.

Gassy stomach
For the last few days, I have been feeling a little nauseous on and off. Not sure what is the reason. I hate the feeling and it makes me feel like puking. And whenever I eat, I feel so bloated in the stomach. Also I hate the after taste of food. Yuck...

I still have 3 more months to go. I just hope everything will get better. And have a safe delivery and healthy baby.

Excuse me, I think I'm going to puke again.

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