It's been a while since I last updated this blog.

There are a couple of things I would like to write about, just that I haven't had the time to actually sit down and work on them. Need some research on those issues.

Besides, I have been spending most of my time on my chinese blog. Maybe it's the pregnancy craving: to blog more in chinese.

Besides, I try not to repeat similar post over here and over there, except certain
issues, regarding pregnancy and depression.

O.k, before I sum up, here's a little update on me and my two little ones.

After yesterday's follow-up. Things have cleared up a little. It's the uterus infection that causes spotting. On medication for 3 days.

My pregnancy shows improvement, the fetus's heartbeat is clearer now. And it has grown a little since last week.

I'm grateful and relieved. But keep the praying going.

And our darling Natalie is turning one year old in 2 weeks time. We have plan for a little celebration for her within the family only, as I'm not feeling too well lately. Have yet to get her any present. I'm quite exciting about it. Hopefully that day I'll feel exceptionally well, so that we can have a excellent time celebrating.

May it be a memorable day for everyone.

Finally I took it.

After some thought I have decided to take the medication. It's for 7 days and 2 tablets a day. I took two since last evening.

I probably don't feel like needing it, but maybe my body does. As it supposed to give the pregnancy hormones some kind of boost.

My morning sickness is still pretty alright at the moment.

I'm back!

Ta ta! I flew to the moon and back again. No, I m just kidding.

Last week was missing in action due to my bad morning sickness.

All I did was slept and vomited, over and over. Scary huh?

Here's a little update on my 7 weeks pregnancy.

Yesterday afternoon I had some spotting, didn't think it was the implantation spotting, coz the embryo should have implanted to the womb by now, so I quickly went to see my gynae.

After an ultrasound, the embryo is a week smaller than it should be. The heartbeat is weak though. Keeping my fingers crossed

So my gynae, she gave me some medication to take in case I spot again. And 2 days sick leaves to rest at home.

Still thinking whether I should take the medication even if I don't spot anymore. As the medicine will aggravate the morning sickness. *Sigh*

At the same time, I just have to be positive, maybe my little one doesn't need medicine at all as it is only minor delay in its development. My gynae did mention that it could be the reason.

Natalie had the same thing, her heartbeat was a week late. But then I was put on the same medication. And one week later, her little heartbeat was strong and sound.

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