Princess Leia Spotted!

I learned to make this lamb cap thingy from 小女人. She demo once in one of her posts, showing her children wearing it. She learnt it from here. Give it a try you may...

The first time I made it(few months ago), Natalie refused to put it on. Dying to take it out of her head...

The other day I was "free and nothing to do", so I tried the cap on her again. Well, once it on her head, she won't let it go. And she made me put the napkin for her... so she would look like Princess Leia... -.-

and started to run around the hall...

Later when I tried to take it away from her, she was screaming and crying...

Nat: Princess Leia

Nat: Princess Leia

Nat: Princess Leia

Nat: Princess Leia

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湘绣蜻蜓 said...

How did u make it? :)

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