5 Reasons Why I Blog?

After reading two of my most frequent mummy's blogs, which happens to have the same topic: ‘5 Reasons Why I Blog?’ for one of their posts.

I thought, why not give it a shot.

Let's see...

1. Reviving and maintaining my designing and coding passion.
I enjoy designing and coding my own blog template.

I used to blog everyday, back in 2002 till end of 2004. Then I decided to stop. At that time I was having a dip in career and lost passion in designing and coding and wanted to do something else, something totally different.

However, after one big round, I came to realize that I still have a passion for designing and coding. Therefore, this blog will serve as a little something that keeps me going and makes me proud.

2. Inspired by blogs I frequent daily.
One of my early inspirations is Odds and Ends. A photoblog owned by a Malaysian who is currently studying in UK. Who never seize to impress his visitors (me) with his photos and writing. Check it out.

Apart from Odds & Ends, I'm also inspired by Mumsgather, Twinsmom's chinese blog, Raising Belle (an old friend's blog ;) ) and many others. Their blog are on the top of my daily most frequent list.

Because of them, I find my passion again, except that I've procrastined too long.

3. Keeping a journal of my life and about my baby.
I'm a lazy person and never have the habit or patience to keep a written journal all my life.

Back in 2002, when Blogger was first launched, I started blog because it was the 'in thing'. It was fun. And that blog's still out there. On and off I still go through those entries, and have a good laugh remembering those days.

Things have changed. Today I have a daughter. She's newfound energy. And I want to mark down every bit and piece of our growing-up journey together.

So one day she and I can read together. Or be her inspiration to continue on her path when I'm no longer around.

After all, life is short, or could be shorter than we know.

4. To share my joy, photographs and experience.
My daughter and my hubby are my joy (finally he gets mentioned here. He he...). And I'm in the midst of doing up a photolog. With that I will put up picutres I took for/with my daughter and hubby, during our family trips, and on other subject matters.

Also, I want to write about things I experienced. At one point, I often ponder over my purpose in life.

Perhaps this's one.

5. Last but not least, hoping one day I can make a living out of blogging. And be my own boss.
Being able to work from home is my dream. I hope that one day I can work from home, and be my own boss. And when I do, I want to do something I love and familiar with. That's blogging.

These are the 5 reasons why I blog (again)?. Sorry for being this dead serious. And Happy Chap Goh Mei.


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