Just checking...

Have started blogging in Chinese again lately.

Reason/s? Not too sure myself. Perhaps to find a balance in life.

Well, it's not that my life is out of balance. So far things have been alright these last 5 years, as compare to my last posts.

Again lots of changes in these 5 years.

1. For a start, we moved to Australia for good in Dec 2011. Finally we had made up our mind after many long consideration.

2. Kids are in schools now. The older is now Year 5 and the little one is now Year 3 in a special public school.

3. I'm a full time mother. Quit my job in 2011. It'd been 5 years since I left my last job. Concentrate in the kids and family.

4. I'm a Christian now. Another long way since then. With God's blessings, I have been doing BSF since 2012. This year we are doing the Book of Revelation. Half way through.

5. We had been through life with no income, everything start afresh in a new place. Been through challenges over challenges. No easy but we got through them as a family together. From the seemingly impossible to now.

6. And winter break is her again. One more day to 2 weeks term break.

Certain hoping to find time to continue writing. But can't promise...

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